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Full Version: Treated to a "God of surprises" homily
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I had to attend Saturday evening Mass this weekend.  I went to the local FSSP parish, and unfortunately the visiting NO Mass priest is very liberal and likes to take jabs at Traditional thought and teachings.  He will usually start his homilies by trying to wow the congregation with his knowledge of liberal Biblical studies, by asserting things very matter-of-fact such as the "Matthean community" composed the Gospel of Matthew around 85 AD and then yesterday that the Book of Numbers was written by an unknown author 600 years BC.  Ok, sure.  Then he goes on to talk about the Holy Spirit by 1) referring to the Holy Spirit as "it" instead of "He." 2) by asserting that the Holy Spirit is unpredictable and that "nobody can contain the spirit" 3) that the work of the spirit is what unveils the "God of surprises" who makes us uncomfortable and open to change.  Quite honestly, he speaks just like Pope Francis often does, in a very passive-aggressive tone, trying to belittle tradition and by pretending that departure from tradition and doctrine is actually the work of the Holy Spirit.  

Yikes.  It is very difficult to sit through this kind of homily.  Although they don't say so directly, when these liberal priests talk about a "God of surprises" what they usually have in mind are things like, "surprise!  God doesn't really care about sexual morality" or "surprise! God is calling women to be priests!"  They conjure up a great error (probably a heresy) that I refer to as "hijacking the Holy Spirit."  These liberal clergy separate the Holy Spirit from the Trinity and pretend that He, even though the same God, will act contrary to the Father and Son.  They interpret "spirit" to mean "liberal innovation."  In their modernist minds, the Holy Spirit can "surprise" ONLY by supposedly encouraging progressive, liberal changes in the Church. 

But again, "God of surprises" is another term made famous by Pope Francis, and is not a phrase used to run the Church off the rails.
I feel for you! Except for a sermon praising Francis (from our Parish Administrator of two weeks) I haven't heard an questionable sermon since I came to the Diocese of Lincoln. Lots of sin, get to confession, say your Rosary, and that sort of thing, tho'.
Vox should update the Dictionary of Dissent to include "God of surprises."
I had a similar experience Yesterday. I listened to a visiting priest give a homily analogizing skin colors to religions, implying they're different but equal. It was very odd. He went on to praise ecumenism and interfaith worship while not once mentioning that Catholicism is the One True Faith. The worst part of it was that my adult son, who just started RCIA, was sitting next to me listening to it.
What makes it worse is that the average Catholic relies on that 10-15 minute homily each week to learn about their Faith and they get this type of nonsense. Add that in with the less than ideal Mass (to put it kindly) and you wonder why so many people are pushed to indifference or apostasy.