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Full Version: Youth Synod Opens
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(10-03-2018, 04:26 PM)SaintSebastian Wrote: [ -> ]Not sure what it is or signifies (I'm actually curious as to the intended meaning of it, other than random nail stick), but it was given to him recently by some youths.
[Image: 4F05361D00000578-6050877-Pope_Francis_re...378205.jpg]

Its great Pope Francis likes to uses gifts he has been given, like the wizards staff and the crucifix with the hammer and sickle By Bolivian President Morales. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before Pope Francis breaks out the papal tiarra the Orthodox gave him.


April Fools in October...

returning to silence lest I get myself in trouble.....

[Image: pope-francis-gandalf-cosplay.png]
Maybe if we can get some youths to give him one or at least a nice ferula, he'd use it.  Someone call Juventutem.
My blogpost, sharing a post of Fr Z's:

Is Francis's staff a 'magical' wand used by witches? Fr Zed updates the post I shared here, What Is That? #Synod2018. And I thought 'stang' was a slang term for a Ford Mustang, but it turns out it's also the name of a staff, much like Francis's, used in witchcraft. Look familiar?

[Image: 1r.jpg]

From Fr Z's Blog

[Image: 1r.jpg]

ACIPRENSA has a story in Spanish about the meaning of the stick thing that Francis had the other day.

It might look just like a “stang” used in satanic rituals, but it was gift from young people intended to be ” Jesus crucified with arms joined by a nail and sculpted in the shape of a bamboo.”  And, “In the torn heart of Jesus on the cross is guarded a small seed, that seed that dies to bear fruit and our hope. And it reveals the secret to make life flourish, love, “said the young woman explaining the meaning of the staff.”

So, when you see it now, repeat to yourself… no, the vestments in Ireland did not have an interlocking trio of sixes… no, the stick thing is not a stang.  It isn’t.  It isn’t.
What's next? The youts give Pope Francis a baptismal font as a gift...

[Image: Witches%20Cauldron.jpg]
                                          And now using typical Bergoglian doublespeak, he can say "The Stang was handed to me by someone" and "Anyone who says otherwise is in league with The Great Accuser".
You guys are paranoid.  It's clearly just an Ewok staff.

[Image: EwokNEGAS.jpg]

On serious note, this is my biggest problem with modern art. It often has a decent meaning it is trying to convey, but because it is so subjective and detached from tradition it is unrecognizeable to almost everyone–instead of the powerful image of divine love that is Christ crucified or even just the cross of Christ that this may be trying to convey, all most will see is an ugly, even sinister looking forked stick with a random nail in it. It utterly fails at its stated purpose.
The one thing that people are not really saying yet that needs to be said is that using this staff (looking like a stang) or *device of confusion* for public service or to process in to offer Mass is gravely evil.  It is not a christian symbol no matter how much people cry "furka cross" or stylism or what-have-you.  It is right that we assume the Pope knows what he's doing.  He's been a priest longer than anything else in his life.  So let's open our eyes to what he's showing us.  The devil always shows his tail.
I was going back to this post because it was taken as something bad how the pope accepted the staff, when a simpler explanation could exist. Since a similar prop appears in a movie about St. Francis, that might have played a role as for the inspiration.[attachment=265]
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