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Full Version: Bishop Gracida Calls Francis An Anti-Pope : Says His Staff Is Satanic
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Unbelievable article. A must read.
It's a link to an Ann Barnhardt post. Nothing new, she's been denouncing Francis as an anti-Pope for quite awhile.
Yeah I caught that a little too late, but I'd say it's pretty clear he agrees with her.
I read him fairly regularly and there's no doubt he's at least sympathetic to the idea, even if not yet firmly convinced.
There’s already folks trying to pass that staff off as a ferula...except it bears no resemblance.

I think that Ann Barnhardt is not a credible person, but that staff is no christian symbol that I have ever seen.
Look it up!

[Image: 1r.jpg]
(10-04-2018, 11:16 PM)jovan66102 Wrote: [ -> ]
Look it up!

[Image: 1r.jpg]

I’m familiar with the appearance of a stang.
You're one up on me, then. I thought Stang was a slang term for a Ford Mustang until Fr Z posted a reference to a Spanish publication that had drawn attention to the resemblance.
Since going down this route and it being close to Halloween...

a blaze soup witch...

[Image: witch-stirring-bubbling-cauldron-vector-...G_w1cQSm8=]
This is a serious situation.  The Pope has spent the majority of his life as a priest educated in Church ritual.  He is not naively choosing that particular non-ferula staff.  He can only be understood to be making a statement.
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