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Full Version: I'm in the Mood for a Melody
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Key to the highway by Big Bill Broonzy
Luke Blu Guthrie

"Although Broonzy and others in his genre were often called to play spirituals, he considered himself a blues musician through and through. When asked why, he would tell a story about a turtle he caught to eat. After his uncle chopped off the turtle’s head, the turtle walked headless back to the stream where Bill had caught it. As Bill told the story, his uncle told him “There’s a turtle who’s dead and don’t know it.” Big Bill would continue: “And that’s the way a lot of people is today: they got the blues and they don’t know it.” According to his autobiography, Big Bill Blues, he first played a fiddle he made out of a cigar box when he was ten. It was after he moved to Chicago and worked as a Pullman porter that he learned guitar."
"I am Glad, 'cause I'm Finally Returning
Back Home" -Eduard Anatolyevich Khil
I want this guitar

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" is a modern folk-style song. The melody and the first three verses were written by Pete Seegerin 1955 and published in Sing Out magazine. Additional verses were added in May 1960 by Joe Hickerson, who turned it into a circular song. Its rhetorical "where?" and meditation on death place the song in the ubi sunt tradition. In 2010, the New Statesman listed it as one of the "Top 20 Political Songs". [Wikipedia]

The Kingston Trio- Where Have All The Flowers Gone? (1961)

The Kingston Trio recorded the song in 1961. Believing it to be a traditional song, they claimed authorship, although upon notice from Seeger they had their name removed and credited Seeger and Hickerson. Seeger acknowledged their success with this song. Their single, with "O Ken Karanga" as the A-side and the hit "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?" the B-side, reached #21 in the 1962 Billboard Hot 100 chart and #4 on the Easy Listening chart. [Wikipedia]
I've been trying to improve my taste in music lately, so I've been listening to a lot of Slavic songs. I find different languages and cultures suited to different styles. Mostly Russian and Polish stuff, depending on mood.

I've also been listen to Scottish Jacobite songs and Irish drinking songs.

I've got weeks worth of music, but lately this one stuck out to me as one of the most beautiful non-religious songs I've ever heard. (on that note Polish hymns are some of the most beautiful I've ever heard) Turn on subtitles and try not to tear up.

Funeral For Queen Mary by Henry Purcell

                                                Beautiful enough to be Catholic !
Tell me what melody you can listen to to raise your mood
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