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Full Version: How do I offer up my insomnia as penance?
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Is it simply a matter of praying to God and saying “Lord, I offer up this sleeplessness to partly repay for my sins and the sins of others”?

I think this is clearly the biggest cross God wants me to bear.  Sleeplessness is truly brutal, especially when you have a job that requires close attention to detail, and a high level of productivity.

Whatever the case: if God cures me, thank God!  If not, thank God for showing me clearly one of my crosses.  It’s not fun, but penance rarely is!
That's what I would do, but having made the Total Consecration, I would offer it to Our Blessed Mother to use as She sees fit.
I really feel for you, as I have experienced this myself.

Use this opportunity to pray. I would also recommend lying in bed and staying there, perhaps choosing something to meditate on could be helpful. I used to put a sermon on or pray the Rosary.

Pray to God, to ask him to find a solution to this issue. I recommend praying the Novena to Our Lady of Good Remedy, like many Novenas it has been known not to fail.

I used supplements and I would recommend wearing a blessed miraculous medal.

I will pray for you.