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Dear Fish Eaters Readers,

I have been working on an app to make an audio recording of The Lives Of The Saints more accessible:

A Saint A Day

Please feel free to post any suggestions you might have for the App.  

Thank you in advance for your feedback.
Would you mind if I share these on my blog?
(12-13-2018, 03:30 AM)jovan66102 Wrote: [ -> ]Would you mind if I share these on my blog?

Please do.  I created A Saint A Day to be openly shared.  I plan to keep developing it.  If more and more people find it of value, I will look for collaborators and try to develop similar devotional apps from other content in the public domain.  God bless.
In honor of St. Joseph, A Saint A Day now has recordings of all the Saint in Lives of the Saints by Alban Butler as recorded by Maria Therese.  If you have any suggestions on how to improve the app please feel free to let me know.