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Full Version: One more question
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Why is it not allowed for remains of the deceased to be scattered, but okay to have relics of the saints hither and yon? Not trying to be facetious, just wanting to know.
My guess would be something to do with cremation and relics of the saints aren't exactly scattered randomly in the wind never to be seen again (or end up in your drinking water lol)

God Bless :)
Interesting.  It seems like it would have to do with the difference in how they're scattered.  Scattering ashes allows them to drift wherever, whereas a saints relics are generally enclosed and protected by a reliquary.
Or even just say keeping the ashes in an urn, say "respectfully" in your home. That's not licit, either. BTW, I don't intend to be cremated.
(01-17-2019, 09:22 AM)JacafamalaRedux Wrote: [ -> ]Or even just say keeping the ashes in an urn, say "respectfully" in your home.

I hadn't even considered the urn scenario.  I would say that typically one doesn't pray before or venerate a loved one's ashes.

Quote: BTW, I don't intend to be cremated.

Me neither.  I'm going to be stuffed and mounted on the couch wearing a leopard print speedo and holding a beer.  Classy all the way.
I guess in the case of relics they are divided so that they can be venerated and be involved in healings, prayer, etc., unlike a normal corpse.