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Full Version: SSPX subdiaconal ordinations
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My friend, Lucas, called a while ago to ask if I wanted to go to Denver tomorrow for the SSPX subdiaconal ordinations. I'm 71 years old and I don't go on 1,000 mile day trips with eight hours notice, but if anyone is in the Denver area, you might want to check them out.
Oh pooh, pooh! You go!!! Because I say so.  Big Grin
It was the short notice and the weather. I'm having enough trouble breathing in the cold that I don't need Denver's altitude exacerbating my COPD. However, we're tentatively planning on going to the Priestly ordinations, I believe, in April. But I'll have more warning then. LOL!

Fifty years ago, when I was Lucas's age, I would have thought nothing of it.
It turns out that on the same day, the FSSP held their subdiaconal ordinations a mere 20 ml from where  live. And it would have been on Lucas' way home instead of a 1,000 mile trip out of the way!