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Full Version: Poll asking if prayers should be said after Mass
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Father Z rants about this liberal poll here:

And the poll is here:

The good news is that tradition is winning by over 1000 votes. Let's try adding another grand.
Heck yea, the Saint Michael Prayer is one of my favorites.  That's the only one my parish says, but I think the other ones like the Hail Mary and Hail Holy Queen are good as well.
In our parish, we all say the St. Michael Prayer after every Mass. It had long been that way in all Catholic Churches, but got removed just before, curiously, all these nefarious things began to take root in our beloved Church in general.

Ya, blame it on VatII, an historic low for the Church. Lots of bad stuff came in on that tide of 'change'.

It's currently at 97% 'yes', 3% 'no'. Not what they expected, I'm sure! :LOL:
(02-14-2019, 04:26 PM)jovan66102 Wrote: [ -> ]It's currently at 97% 'yes', 3% 'no'. Not what they expected, I'm sure! :LOL:

From what I saw of Pray Tell from Fr. Z's article, perhaps the liberals would be more in favor of a rousing post-liturgical dance with guitars.
Hope y'all voted!
I did! In my Parish we say our 'Parish Prayer' after every Mass, ending With 'Holy Mother of God, pray for us, St Joseph, pray for us, St Wenceslaus (Our Patron), pray for us', followed by the Saint Michael Prayer.
As of this morning, Tradition is ahead by 1,280 votes.

This is great!