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Full Version: Fr. Thomas Petri on Gay Priests
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I care a lot for those who struggle with homosexual tendencies, as I know you do as well, Vox.  I will pray for them, I will show compassion towards them and listen to them.  I will love them, and I will do my best to make sure they KNOW I love them.  Also, if God were to place a particular one in my life to bring to Him, I would love them more than I love myself.  Doing all those things for them does not mean encouraging them to do evil, however.  In fact, encouraging them to do evil would negate all of those things. 

These priests who are coming out as "gay" are sick, just as any father who inordinately craves validation from his children would be.  That is sinful- but not so much against the sixth commandment, though that happens to be the theme.  It is a sin against the first commandment, because priests who do this make the priesthood about themselves rather than about Our Lord and His Church.  We don't need priests like that.  Priests like that are not glorifying God or helping anyone, themselves in particular.
Mmhm, preach it, OP preacher man!

But in all seriousness, yes, this is good.