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Full Version: Blaming Others
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Anyone here work for a big company or someone else, and their direct manager/ supervisor or maybe those in the military, experience leadership that are supposed to have a little more intelligence than those they are leading , place blame for their own mistakes, error in judgement , laziness , an the like  on everyone else but themselves.

Same thing with this article or what is being reported. IF the reporting from who ever wrote this piece used actual journalism skills and didn't just hastily put something together.  It is very easy for prelates to blame satan, or " homosexual agendas " or anything else they choose , to cover up for their own failures and mistakes. Rather sickening. An such leaders with in the Church, should step down and move on with their lives instead of shuffling the blame else where , especially to an " Agenda " that can't be held accountable.
I want anyone who knew about or suspected abuse, but didn't throw up a red flag out, same as I want actual abusers out.

(02-21-2019, 02:33 PM)Nacho Wrote: [ -> ]Same thing with this article or what is being reported. IF the reporting from who ever wrote this piece used actual journalism skills and didn't just hastily put something together. 

Given the source, I'm leaning toward "hastily put together drivel, with a side of anti-Catholic sentiment."

This article makes no mention that the vast majority of abuse was by post-pubescent males on post-pubescent males. In other words, of a homosexual nature. And these stats were despite abusers having access to nuns, female teachers, the ability to get a call girl, and (post V2) altar girls. Yet the preferred victim was male. By no means am I trying to scapegoat homosexuals. They, like all of us, have their struggles to bear, and we should support, pray for, and help them. But to ignore the statistics is just dishonest.
(02-21-2019, 03:18 PM)Jeeter Wrote: [ -> ]But to ignore the statistics is just dishonest.

No only dishonest, but clearly a diabolic slight of hand to try to distract from the real issue : homosexuality.

I think one reason God allowed all of this to come to what it has to provide a clear light on the evil which is homosexual behavior (not inclinations). If Catholics saw that the problem was homosexuality, it would certainly make any move to apparently approve homosexuality in the Church, fall flat. That is, I think, why you see such an effort to pull a Wizard of Oz here and focus on child abuse and pedophilia. Few cases are this. Most cases are an abuse of power coupled with homosexual behavior. That is a direct result of the destruction of the priesthood and religious life which was consecrated at Vatican II, but started much before.
Douay - Rheims Roman's Chapter 1 _________ ; comes to mind here ,it's like Paul has just put the last puzzle piece in place through having no shame in the Gospel.
Blaming homosexuality as a sin is the easy blame game to try an pin all of this on, but the question that isn't being asked is what lead homosexuals to want to become priests in the first place, why would a homosexual want to become catholic, knowing full well what the Churches stance is on homosexuality and the priesthood being a celibate position. An then when if a Bishop had any warning signs, why would a bishop choose to ignore the possibility and or if anything was confirmed about ones sexual orientation being homosexual, why let the candidate continue on, or if it is a priest what was the rationale to not remove him from public service. and or flat out defrock the priest.

The Article fore mentioned is probably super biased but these biased articles usually begin with a twinge of the truth and then they spin it.

This " summit " taking place at the Vatican, for me is nothing more than smoke and mirrors and a giant waste of time. perhaps a public relations stunt mixed in there too. with everyone who actually cares and wants something to be done waiting on bated breath for some big big changes to come to light and take effect. But the thing is, this is just for one scandal, this isn't addressing priests who have fathered children and how the church made rules to handle that and how the church did everything it could to keep that scandal secret .

The Church has a giant track record of making one error after another and instead of acknowledging a mistake it goes out of its way to bury it and or place blame on some other issue that can not be grasped so it is blamed on satan instead. The upper tiers in the church are giving evil / satan way way too much credit and power. Satan and the evil he has, is extremely limited through temptation. That is it. So humanity is left with a choice between doing what is right or giving into temptation and doing something evil or wrong or sinful. an not everything that is wrong is sinful or evil so that is the only difference there.

The big joke with this summit, is nothing is going to happen after it is over. It takes the Church Forever to make a change especially when it comes to dishing out punishments. The Pope can clean house by himself. Because the Church is a Monarchy, in eyes of the secular world. and recognized as one by the EU. Which means the Pope or any Pope is the shot caller, there is no vote. The Pope can if He wants to, end the summit at any time, write up a letter, stating that any and all accused of a scandal at any time are immediately out the door until everything has been investigated. An anyone found guilty will be handed over to the proper police agencies. Same for those who have fathered children .

It would take the pope an entire hour to write that up.

That is the entitlement of monarchs and kings to do such things if they choose too. So it is all a joke in the end, bunch of hypocrites get into power and destroy the church from the inside, leaving the outside world to try and patch it up, which they cant do. At least the Eucharist is uncorruptable, and the sacraments, and personal prayer. But the church should really just take all its dogma, the catechist , cannon law, all their rules for masters of ceremonies , an flush it down the toilet. Because they have gone so far to cover up every crime not just the current mess , as best as possible, time and time again, and do very little to stop it. other than hire a p.r. firm to help them navigate the waters.

(02-23-2019, 01:59 AM)Nacho Wrote: [ -> ]what lead homosexuals to want to become priests in the first place
Innocent lambs are often mistaken as feminine, 
and it only takes one wolf to decimate the flock.
(02-23-2019, 01:01 PM)Blind Horus Wrote: [ -> ]
(02-23-2019, 01:59 AM)Nacho Wrote: [ -> ]what lead homosexuals to want to become priests in the first place
Innocent lambs are often mistaken as feminine, 
and it only takes one wolf to decimate the flock.

That is beyond far from a coherent answer.  An it is more than one wolf. the topic at hand is multiple wolves entering into the priesthood at least since J.P the seconds papacy.  It just shows that there is a giant lack of everything, from good vocational directors that are willing to get to know candidates and really discern with the candidate what is going on, to bishops choosing those vocational directors, an it just goes on an on and on. The blame isn't squarely placed on Pope Francis, but this can of worms has now become his to solve. An that is just one can of worms. Out of probably a six pack.

But at least this farce of a summit will give victims a chance to be heard, and hopefully embarrass Church leaders enough to resign where need be and for drastic changes to be put into place and punishments to be handed down where appropriate with the willingness to work with law enforcement and not hide behind religious rhetoric as a reason not too. Though it all rests on the Pope, he has absolute control of where the ship is heading, he can either keep steering it in circles, or not. Either way the Church is now looking at generations to rebuild credibility and trust with in the leadership.