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Full Version: Journalist Accuses Pope at Summit
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Watch Ines San Martin from Crux  and +Scicluna at the Vatican's sex abuse summit, February 23.

Referring to Argentine Bishop Zanchetta, San Martin asks Scicluna how we can trust that anything will change "when at the end of the day, Pope Francis himself covered-up for a Bishop in Argentina who had gay porn on his phone." 

Christine Niles said of this: 

Quote:Whoa! A direct accusation against Pope Francis. This is a first in Holy See press conference history. Guaranteed this journalist will never get the mic again.
Well, someone has to get the ball rolling.  Good!
The thing that amazes me is that this came from a Crux reporter. Crux was founded, and is currently edited, by John Allen, former writer for the National Catholic Distorter. He's been highly praised by the 'Tablet', Britain's version of the Fishwrap, and by the secular press. Does this mean that even some of the libs are beginning to realise there's something rotten in the Vatican?
Reminds me of when ole slick willy got caught with monica,  seems like politicians all do the same thing, deny any wrong doing, get caught, then apologize, promise change and accountability, do absolutely nothing after wards and wait for the next bouncing ball to distract everyone so the scandal at hand can be forgotten. Same exact type of politicians working in the vatican in the same power structure , only difference is this political system is an unchangeable stone age monarchy. The only thing left for actual change is another schism. Which won't do that much good since history seems to just repeat itself, the world will just end up with another pig headed, prideful group of men that are only care about their own power.

Ya know the kicker, is that while no one here agrees with me, or are just too scared to; for fear of a verbal lashing. Is that those that get a giggle labeling how the church should go back to a better way, or have the time to label who is a good catholic or bad, are big time hypocrites.  All I honestly care about are the sacraments  everything else is dribble, but if those who like to complain about things should go back to the good ole days, there has to be an acknowledgement that the Church is a monarchy that refuses to change, it is an all in or you are out system if you are going to play by rules created by power hungry men. The Church only listens to opinions to then tell everyone why they are wrong or how the only ones who can correct a problem are them because they are the shot callers. Much similar to those at catholic answers forums or other catholic forums such as this, you are allowed to have an opinion but only until everyone gives the text book answer as to why you are wrong, and then it is expected that you shut up and move on. Same thing happens in religious orders, don't ask questions, keep quiet, move and do exactly as others do, if you got a problem or a complaint keep it to yourself or leave.

Interesting how the Vatican and prelates and clergy love to interpret scripture to write a homily to relate to everyones life circumstances, yet they refuse to properly interpret what Christ meant by " Church " , that is when the feathers get ruffled an the clucking begins because that requires those in power to give up their self created power an start serving the flock. In the field, not in an office.

scoopsy potatoe , scoopsy potato.
I don’t think that they are going to’get it’ until a great deal more reporters ask the same sort of questions one after the other. They would look really stupid banning large numbers from question time.

There still persists this ‘respect’ for the clerics that holds many reporters back from asking what they think.

You can only obsfucate for so long before you look really ridiculous.