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Full Version: ISO 9000 quality control and the Church
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I was thinking this AM - I was raised in manufacturing and part of the ISO Certification program.  For those not familiar it's a quality certification.  It does not check so much that your processes are the best or not but simply this - it checks if the processes you have documented are what you actually do.

Your processes can be whatever you want, but they must be documented, and then you must do things that way.

And I thought - could the Church pass an ISO 9000 quality audit these days?  What do you guys think?
I'd like to see the present hierarchy held to the ISO 14644-1 standards (clean rooms). I'm sure they'd fail miserably, letting in far too many bits of harmful particles.

As for ISO standards the present hierarchy could pass I've come up blank in my search for cesspool standards, and that's surprising since ISO has standards for nearly everything you could imagine.
I did some research in an old ISO handbook I had :

ISO 5667-13:1997 : Guidance on sampling of sludges from sewage and water treatment works.

I stand corrected.

Unfortunately, the standard has been withdrawn, so there used to be cesspool standards.

I guess the Tiber just got that bad ...