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Full Version: Finally!
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Sorry I don't post with 2 jobs and lots of issues can be rough.

However, an update is in order. I have been employed by my local parish as,a maintenance guy since October. Out priest is very orthodox as far as NO goes. Only the pipe organ setting on the keyboard is allowed. The bongo drums in the choir loft will continue collecting dust under his rule.

My wife and I finally had our convalidation 2 days ago. Our priest was going to have EF originally, but we lacked the resources such as Gregorian chant. To maximize a traditional feel, my usher wore a Knights Templar cloak and our bridesmaids wore chapel veils. To help add to as traditional as possible feel, the Mass begun with the ringing of the wall bell, no announcement saying "Welcome let's celebrate". Choosing the Greek Kyrie elesion as opposed to the English Lord have mercy was also opted for. We selected Immaculate Mary ad one of our hymns, which actually meshed well as the priest blessed the sanctuary with incense. And of course the choice of Ave Maria provided some much needed Latin.

My wife and I are now honeymooning across state and I began my Tuesday going to a nearby FSSP parish. To finally receive the Eucharist kneeling at an altar rail...

Let's just say I am expecting this day to be great!
Wonderful news! Happy for you!
That's great! I'm glad you have a old school-sympathetic OF priest (as do I) and you've been able to attend the EF while honeymooning.
Thanks folks!

Now the real life begins.
(03-05-2019, 10:40 AM)HeadRusch Wrote: [ -> ]Wonderful news! Happy for you!

(03-06-2019, 02:45 PM)MyLady Wrote: [ -> ]Congratulations.

Now the real life begins.

Been legally married for 11 years, have had full legal custody of my 14 year old since he was less than a year old.

The real life has been there a long time, we just improved upon it.