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Full Version: The 80th Anniversary of the Election of Pope Pius XII
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This is slightly late. My apologies.

I happen to have a soft spot for Pius XII (and Pius X...and Pius V...and Leo XIII...and Benedict XVI...but I digress), perhaps in part because he was so maligned by people who thought he was "Hitler's Pope" or didn't do enough. He just has this gentle, regal nobility to him that really befits a Pope.

From New Liturgical Movement:


From the archives of British Pathé - on this day in 1939, Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli was elected to the Papacy, taking the name Pius XII; it was also his 63th birthday. As is occasionally the case with these old newsreels, there are a few comic moments; note the gestures of the Cardinal (Camillo Caccia) who announces the new Pope’s name, and the weird distortion of Pius’ voice when he speaks into the microphone."