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Full Version: How can I nurture Catholicism in my future husband and children?
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Could someone please give me some advice? My fiance recently bought a house (we do not live in it together) and I have been moving various kinds of reading material and home decor into it. Here's what I have (or will have; I'm waiting for some mail to arrive) so far, or at least what comes to my memory:


- a hardcover Good News Bible (Old and New Testament, with lots of notes written in)
- The Penny Catechism (a good "entry level" summary for my fiance; easy to understand)
- Eucharistic Miracles by Joan Carroll Cruz
- two Rosary booklets 
- 10 Wonders of the Rosary by Fr. Donald Calloway
- A Year With the Saints by Mark Water
- a magazine about the St. Francis Xavier relic pilgrimage I attended last January
- Three to Get Married by Ven. Fulton Sheen
- Mother's Manual by A. Francis Coomes, S.J.

I have St. Joseph Baltimore Catechisms bookmarked for children, along with a set of prayer books for toddlers. I have other books bookmarked as well.

Home decor:

- a wood panel plaque of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
- a wood plaque of the Resurrection of Our Lord
- a crucifix
- a framed picture of a monstrance
- a framed third class relic holy card of St. Francis Xavier (from the aforementioned relic pilgrimage)
- a Mary, Help of Christians statue
- a small statue of a praying girl (a gift from a parishioner)


- two Catholic-themed puzzles (birthday gifts from my future mother-in-law)
- a DVD of a Pontifical High Mass
- my two Rosaries, plus a Rosary for my fiance, in a black pouch (I have a child's Rosary bookmarked)

I'm trying to be encouraging and open without being pushy, so any help, either with the presentation of our future home or evangelizing my fiance would be helpful! :)
The FE page on the home as a domestic church is made for you.
(03-18-2019, 11:10 AM)VoxClamantis Wrote: [ -> ]The FE page on the home as a domestic church is made for you.

Thank you, Vox! :)
In general, the KISS principle is good in Catholic households.

Too often the opposite is true and traddies clutter their house with all kinds of pietistic junk and it is not inviting and does not give a sense of peace and recollection. No wonder it produces people who are a mess.

Make the home a pleasant place to live, not a kitchy used goods shop of religious items. Balance the typical home decor with added Catholic elements. Not too much religious artwork, but some and what you have, good art. Don't leave out the crucifix, but you don't need a statue of ever saint lining every wall, plus seven pictures of Our Lady, all cheaply made and looking the part. Especially make in the main room a place where all can gather and pray, but again, simply and not a mess. Perhaps even only a nice proportionately-large crucifix. 

Simple and pleasant so you can teach that same simple and pleasant spirit to your children. If the house is a clutter it will teach them to be cluttered.

Have a few high quality items and invest in these. Perhaps instead of getting a printed picture, pay a decent artist to paint it for you. Instead of a plastic crucifix, invest in an antique wooden or ivory one for the main room of the house. Get few high quality items, not lots of cheap junk.

If you end up having a bunch of children it will be already chaotic, and the last thing you want is the house to feel cramped, cluttered and a mess.

I would also suggest a simple crucifix in each room. If you can afford something nice, go for this, but small, proportional and simple.

I'd also say that while it's fine to keep a screen around, in general it would be best if it could be put in a nice cabinet that can be closed, so that the focus of the main room is not a screen. It will encourage less screen time.
Thank you, MM! That's helpful.
Hello In His Love,

The best way to nurture Catholicism in your home is by good example... make a concerted effort to ACT like a good Christian in your daily life.

Also, make frequent use of the Sacraments, set aside certain times of the day/week for prayer, spiritual reading, etc.

And then leave the rest to God. ;)

Be well and enjoy life. :)
Oh gosh, I've hesitated to answer this one, because believe me I've made my own mistakes....Raising kids as you know I'm sure is really tough these days... Homeschool. Keep 'em out of public school if at all humanly possible. Limit screen time. Even when they're little it's tempting to let them watch a little too much of some innocent show. But you don't want to do that because it trains them to want to spend a lot of time vegging out in front o f the screen. The shows get worse and worse as they get older. and make sure you get porno blockers on your internet service. Keep the screen use to the living room or someplace with high traffic. How far are you from the church/chapel/oratory? It's really rough raising kids these days. They're gonna need peers. 21rst Century Catholicism is ill equipped to give you the kind of support you need. The Church has everything you need to get to heaven, but the natural inclination of the young is to go out into the world and fit in. This is normal, but the society is sick. It's teaching them to hate the Church. I mean that in all seriousness. Sorry for the wake-up call. By the grace of God, we will all get our loved ones into heaven! But it ain't gonna be easy.

Other than that, besides the other suggestions get your home blest, Use the blest salt, oils, water, candles. Make the rosary a non-negotiable.
Thank you both! :)

Jacafamala, to answer your question, we’re about 5-10 minutes away from the church. As for holy water, I went into my fiancé’s house with holy water once and sprinkled it around.