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Full Version: The Young Pope
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Never watched "The Young Pope" and don't care to, but this bit from it is interesting (here's an old thread about this show, which was (is?) on HBO). The vibe of this guy is harsh and nasty, but I'd prefer him over a Francis any day.
Ha, ha! That clip cracks me up. I've seen it before. I'd take Lenny over Francis too, Vox. TNT did a show on Pius XIII not too long ago. Ironically HBO may have something there in as much as it will take a pope whose a little like Pius XIII to clean up the filth in the Vatican. 

Overall I enjoyed the show and really liked Lenny, but this clip was one of the moments that made me take Catholicism seriously before I converted.

I hear a new series called 'The New Pope' starring John Malkovich as "Pope John Paul III" is in development. Given the name, I wonder if they're going to go in a different direction with their take on the papacy.