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Full Version: Vatican defends ship hijackings
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Seems like Rome loves supporting crime from the homo pedo cover up to violent third world ship hijackings
Francis's Vatican seems to be dedicated to the destruction of Europe and its Graeco-Roman Catholic civilisation!
This headline goes hand-in-hand with why Pope Francis wants to eliminate the death penalty. He sees things only through a Marxist lens of oppressed people, which to him are any non-Catholics, non-Christians, and many materially poor Catholics. To him, the white Western Catholic has been the oppressor of these groups for centuries. Therefore, being oppressed, they do not have to claim any responsibility for their crimes or moral failings. It is only because of the evil actions of white Western Catholics that these other groups felt it necessary to commit crimes, or why they could not live up to the moral teachings of the Church. Since the white Western Catholic, to Francis, has been so doctrinally rigid and judgmental, the Church must eliminate these aspects of herself to become more appealing and merciful to these oppressed groups. Francis's narrative is like that of Obama's view of America: the Church, like America, has done more harm than good in the world; we now need everyone to tell us how to do things; we need to apologize for our ugly, terrible history; we need to eliminate traditional aspects of ourselves to become more appealing to the outsider; and we need to now condemn everybody who made the institution successful in the first place.

So ultimately, that is why Francis wants to eliminate the death penalty. Deep down, he doesn't think the person is actually responsible for the crime they have committed; there is no full culpability, because obviously (to him) some type of external, temporal oppression caused them to commit the crime in the first place. Therefore, the oppressive society which established the conditions of oppression has no right to execute the criminal.