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Full Version: Is smoking cigarettes a sin?
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I'd just like to ask. I am not very religious but I came from a very religious family. They condemn me from smoking because I am the only one who smokes in the family. I smoke when I want to and it is not harmful for my family. I always go outside the house just to smoke. I never smoked in front of them because I respect them a lot. If smoking a sin, I'd like to know. I'd have a lot more motivation to stop. Thank you.
I hope not, I had one hanging in my mouth when I saw this topic.
It's like anything else. Not sinful in and of itself in moderation, but like alcohol or any other addictive substance it can turn into a vice which leads to sin. As in committing sin to continue your vice.
Dont see how you are not breaking any commandment
I am certain that a priest is best qualified to answer this. Being a former smoker myself, and a heavy one at that..with all the harm it does to one, how can it not be a sin? We know about the lung damage and other issues, how does this not fall under the 5th commandment ?
:afraidsmiley: This horse has been beaten to death before.