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Full Version: Memories Of Holy Week
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Because my family was pretty much fallen away during my childhood, I don't have alot of memories, but i do recall the unmistakable sombre feeling that permeated everything on Good Friday. Because I lived in two heavily Catholic neighborhoods, it was noticeable that even public school kids having the day off weren't out playing for the most part, and stores were closed from noon till 3. Easter Sunday we'd get alot of movies on TV you typically don't see anymore, The Robe, The 10 Commandments, The Silver Chalice, Barrabbas, The Song of Bernadette, even Ben-Hur I think. Before my time, my mom had told me how they didn't play the radio, phonograph, sing or whistle on Good Friday. It sure isn't like that anymore. I think my favorite custom I learned from her is visiting churches, which I do on Holy Thursday and Good Friday.
The smell of kubasa and sauerkraut cooking on Strawberry Hill in Kansas City, KS when I was EO (and it's what I'm having after the Vigil Saturday night!).
Another Good Friday memory. Today and yesterday while visiting churches I mentioned to my girlfriend, how much easier this was in the mid 90's. Now churches are locked even on Holy Days.
I've different accounts of how the visiting of 7 churches was done. My Mom said they had all of Lent to do it. A friend of mine in his 80's, said when he was a kid, he and several friends would do the 7 churches all on the morning of Good Friday. The visiting churches in Lent is actually what brought me back to the Catholic church. I wanted pictures of a number of old churches and guessed Good Friday would be a good time to get in. This Holy Week we managed to go St Therese (originally Santa Maria Incoronata) in Chinatown, St Gabriel in Canaryville, St Joseph in the Back of the Yards, and Our Lady of Fatima Shrine of St Anne (originally St Joseph and Anne). Good Friday we managed to get into St Adrian in Chicago Lawn, Holy Cross in the Back of the Yards, St Brides in South Shore, and St Mary of Perpetual Help in Bridgeport, and failed to get into St Simon in Gage Park and St Pancratius in Brighton Park. Sadly, for 2019, 8 is pretty good for 2 days.