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Full Version: Today is the DAY!
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I will be received into THE Church today at the Easter Vigil please pray for me.

I want to thank everyone at Fisheaters who have posted and replied to posts over the time I have been lurking here that have given me the information that I required for correct formation and the knowledge of where to keep reading to deepen my faith despite having to endure the modern post VII classes.

On many occasions I was dropped on from a great height for stating basic catholic truths from the past but I learnt from these forums the patience and strength to endure.

Thank you all.

The great journey begins ...
Congratulations, and truly, welcome. You'll certainly be in my prayers.  Pray
Beautiful! Welcome, welcome, welcome to the Church! Smile
Fantastic, welcome
Congratulations to you!  That’s wonderful.
May you strive daily towards perfection, and be granted an abundance of Sanctifying Grace.
God bless you!
Beautiful, welcome, welcome!!!
Welcome to the family!
Welcome Home. We are Blessed to have you with us!!
My wife is too.  A blessed day for sure. Congrats!
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