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Full Version: The Spirits of the Various Religious Orders
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Curious as to how Catholics see the different religious/priestly orders -- their "spirits" and attitudes, their approaches to things, and such. So a question:

It's midnight. A huge explosion is heard in the distance. How do a group of (Benedictines, Franciscans, Carmelites, Jesuits, Trappists, Passionists, Salesians, Servites, etc.) react? What does each do first? Then what do they do? What would members of those Orders have done in, say, the year 1600 as opposed to what they'd do now?
Jesuits: Try to use the chaos to implement more liberal theology and allow homosexual unions.
Dominicans: Pray the Rosary as they walk to the site, offering what assistance people in the area need according to the explosion's cause. Use the opportunity to explain how the Rosary will improve their spiritual lives. 

Franciscans: Offer a prayer for any people and wildlife who may have been injured or killed by the blast, taking the time after checking up on the locals to plant trees where the explosion caused damage.

Trappists: Raise funds for the locals affected by the explosion by selling their own homemade beer, bread, cheese, chocolate, coffee, tea, etc.