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Full Version: French Interior Minister: “Notre Dame Is Not A Cathedral” (Video at Link)
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The French republicans have been trying for 230 years to destroy the Church!


French Interior minister Christophe Castaner, a socialist and free mason, said in a Twitter video (April 16, below) after the fire in the Paris Cathedral, “Notre Dame is not a cathedral.”

He added: "It is our common good. It is where we gather. It is our strength. It is our history.” French Freemasonry is rabidly anticlerical.

Several anticlerical politicians and architects announced their plans to "rebuild" the cathedral with secularist elements in an attempt to deprive it of its Catholic identity.

On March 19, Castaner admitted during a debate of the French Parliament that there had been 1063 "anti-christian events" in 2018 alone, but went on relativizing and belittling this.
Some of the donations to fixing the church were given with no strings attached.
These people don't even know what they have in their hands, or, what is coming to their door with ax/knife in hand.  Do they want to divvy it out, the Catholics over here, the Protestants over there, Jews, you get the right side and Islam gets the left?