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Full Version: Good Mass but not Latin
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I hear Latin Mass as being the benchmark.  I am a convert - and the entire dioceses I am in does not have Latin Mass that I know of, so I have never been to one.

When I traveled out of our area I attended a Mass that was not Latin, but so much more traditional, and no guitars and hippie folk songs - it was done well.  The homily was good and had real teaching, and they had a communion rail and received on the tongue.  

I complimented the priest and I think he said it was a formal or traditional form of the current Mass - it was light years better than what I typically have available.  He even wore a biretta.

When we got home we showed our priest a photo - his comment was he didn't know why all these young guys were going so traditional - ugh!  I told him it was possibly to push back against all the lack of orthodoxy we run into.  Not sure how that was taken.

Anyway - would you guys consider a Mass like this, a formal and respectful version of the current form good?
That sounds like a Novus Ordo Mass done very well.

I don’t think you’ll find many here that dispute validity of the Novus Ordo.  It’s really more of a matter of whether the Mass is pleasing to God.  If you’re seeing altar girls, glass cups used for the Precious Blood, and just a general lack of reverence, you’d do well to stay away.

However, as a traditionalist, always be on guard for any pride that may arise in your heart.  Christianity  — truly practiced — is a life of humility, obedience, prayer, and most of all love for God, and neighbor for God’s sake.

As for the Mass, the Latin Mass is definitely preferable.  But a truly reverent Novus Ordo Mass is good as well. Reverence is the key here.