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Full Version: Marian meditations for her month of May
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May, in case you may have forgotten, is Mary's month. I am going to make an effort to inprove my prayer life by adding this lovely prayer to my list of to-dos:


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Marian meditations for her month of May

Follow the entire life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, from her Immaculate Conception up to her bodily Assumption into Heaven, in this series of daily readings and prayers.  This book has received Imprimaturs from three Bishops. According to the introduction written by Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi, the Virgin Mary often appeared to Luisa Piccarreta in afternoons during the late 1920's.  During these appearances she revealed to Luisa the events of her entire life, and include instructions on how to live in the Divine Will.  While intended for the month of May, they may be used at any time during the year.  

The book begins with a short "Maternal Appeal of the Queen of Heaven," inviting the Soul to accept this book as a gift. Mary states: "This book is of gold, my child.  It will form your spiritual fortune and your earthly happiness . . . in this book you will see wonders."  Towards the end she says, ". . . I will give you sublime and heavenly lessons; and finally, I will teach you special and new prayers by means of which you will engage the heavens, the sun, creation, my own life and that of my Son, and all the acts of the saints."  And, ". . . with me you will obtain that the Divine Will be done on earth as it is in heaven, according to the desire of the divine Master."

[Image: Mary%2Bbook%2B2.png]

Each day one begins the meditations with the same daily prayer to Mary.  Then the usual three or four page meditation starts with the Soul speaking to the Queen of Heaven, followed by a lesson from the Queen concerning a particular part of her life, then the Soul speaks again, a daily sacrifice, and a short exclamatory prayer.   

The book is available online in numerous places, such as Here and Here, and is included in Fr. Iannuzzi's pdf Divine Will Prayer Book.  It can be purchased from book sellers such as

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I recently had the inspiration to read the final volume of the Mystical City of God, so I will add that as one form of devotion to Our Lady since it will take most of May to finish. I'll have to find some extra prayers to recite, maybe recite the seven sorrows rosary.
The Rosary of the Seven Sorrows is, take it from me, a very powerful prayer! I try to say it daily, along with the traditional decades. This one I posted about, would be a nice fit in that.

Our Mother is so beautiful, in the fullest sense of the word!!