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Full Version: Pleas to the Pope
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There's a thread on Twitter that's listing all the times theologians, priests, Bishops, Cardinals, and large groups of laymen have pleaded with Pope Francis and/or the Cardinals and Bishops to do something about confusing and less-than-faithful things spoken by Pope Francis. Thought I'd compile them all here and try to link to the texts of all of them. Are there any we're missing here?:

July 2016: Text
45 scholars' letter to cardinals

August 2016: Text
Filial Appeal signed by, among others, Archbishops Jãnis Cardinal Pujats and Carlo Cardinal Caffarra; Bishops Athanasius Schneider and Andreas Laun; Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke; and theologians, with over 36,000 signatures

August 2016: Text
Professor Josef Seifert’s 28-page-long critique of Amoris Laetitia

November 2016: Text
Dubia by Cardinals Walter Brandmüller, Raymond L. Burke,Carlo Caffarra, and Joachim Meisner

November 2016: Text
Professors John Finnis & Germain Grisez's open letter to Pope Francis

July 2017: Text
Filial Correction, 25-page letter signed by 40 Catholic clergy and laypeople 

November 2017: Text
Father Thomas Weinandy of the Vatican's International Theological Commission

January 2018: Text
Three Kazakh bishops' Profession of Truth

May 2018: Text
Cardinal Willem Jacobus Eijk's plea to pope 

August, September, October, 2018: Text Letter One   Text Letter Two   Text Letter Three
Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò's three letters

August 2018: Text
Letter from the Catholic Women Association, with almost 50,000 signatures

August 2018: Text
Appeal to cardinals regarding changes to the Catechism about the death penalty. Signed by 45 theologians, philosophers, priests, and others.

February 2019: Text
Cardinal Gerhard Müller's Manifesto of Faith

February 2019:  Text
Bishop Athanasius Schneider on Abu Dhabi document 

February 2019: Text
Professor Josef Seifert’s interventions regarding Abu Dhabi document

April 2019: Text
Theologian Father Aidan Nichols, Father Thomas Crean, Father John Hunwicke, Professor John Rist, Dr. Anna Silvas, Professor Claudio Pierantoni, Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, Dr. John Lamon, and others
That spans a period of three years.

Wonder how long similar lists would be if compiled for: (1) The ~8 years Benedict XVI was the only pope; or (2) the 25+ years JPII was in office?
(05-04-2019, 09:12 AM)Chronologic4 Wrote: [ -> ]Francis the Great!

Benedict the Great.

John Paul the Great

John Paul the Great.

S’all good, in the hood.

Must be the drugs!