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Full Version: names of demons
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In another thread someone mentioned that various demonic influences had actual names. How is the name known? Through dialogue occurring during exorcisms? 

It reminded me of the new-age phenomenon of 'channeling', or 'contacting a spirit guide', and learning the name of the spirit in question. Obviously it can't be that sort of thing.

I have Wiesinger's Occult Phenomena and leafing through it I don't see a section about names of bad influences, but my collection may not have enough books about this general topic.
The way that priests obtain the names of demons is through the process of exorcism. It's honestly the goal, because once the priest has the demon's name he can exert direct authority over the malicious spirit and command it to leave the body of the possessed or effected individual.

This is personal opinion, but I believe this power of the name has a lot to do with why we only know the names of three angels; Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael (the other four in non-canonical sources are not recognized by the Church). And this is only because God allowed man to know their names because he allows man to call directly upon these three specific angels. Otherwise, we have no particular knowledge of the other multitudes of angels yet know the names of hundreds to thousands of demons.

It has everything to do with the authority of Jesus Christ and the authority He gives to the Catholic Church. Authority is everything when it comes to exorcism. Hence why it is incredibly dangerous to call upon these spirits by yourself, because they are stronger than us and far more intelligent than us. They are only manageable under the thumb of Jesus Christ through His priesthood.

Father Chad Ripperger has a lot of great talks you can find on YouTube about angels, demons, and exorcisms. He also said one time about his role during exorcism something to the effect of 'You don't know the fear that a demon feels once the priest enters the room, because it's not me he's afraid of but the 500-pound gorilla behind me called Christ.'

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Awesome, thank you.