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Full Version: Take it to the Church? Dispute not settled.
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So I have a dispute with local Catholics, that their Charismatic Renewal stuff is both historically and Scripturally wrong.  And I have seen them teach errors like "The faith that gives you the gift of tongues or prophecy is another kind of faith, not like the faith that saves us."

Now that statement actually is true - it's just all messed up.  The Faith that saves us is true, the "faith that gives these gifts is surely "different".

And the slain in the "spirit" thing that they have re-named to "resting in the spirit" to make it more palatable.

So I have a dispute with them that these things are not right.  When I took it to the priest I got no help.  If I look to the Bishop, he's promoting this stuff.

Do I treat them all like a heathen and a publican at this point?  What does take it to the Church mean at this point?
The charismatic stuff is all hokey phenomenological nonsense that opens you up to the demonic.

I wouldn't "treat" these individuals like anything but brothers and sisters that have fallen into error. The sad thing is, if they are not willing to listen to you when you tell them it's wrong. Then just leave it at that and pray for them.
Yeah - they won't listen even when I show loads of evidence.

Thing is - the clergy seem to be on their side - so they are not helping to educate, but cement them in their errors.

Thus my struggle of "take it to what Church?"