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Full Version: If You Were Pope...?
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So just hypothetically, imagine for a minute that you were the Pope. What would you do? Simple question, and I think we'll hear some interesting answers!

I would...

1. Sack the vast majority of the cardinals right off the bat. 

2. Immediately regularize the SSPX and appoint their bishops cardinals.

3. Select various priests of the FSSP and the ICK, ordain them bishops (in the old rite of course), and appoint them cardinals. I'd also appoint Bishop Schneider as a cardinal.

4. Begin the process of purging the Church of active homosexual clerics and continue this process relentlessly until it's complete.

5. I would immediately and exclusively celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass in Rome.

6. Unilaterally abrogate the Novus Ordo rite in its entirety within a period of three years, allowing for time to train the clergy of the world in the traditional Roman Rite. 

7. Permit the celebration of low mass in the vernacular upon approval of the various translations by the Holy See.

8. End all "ecumenical" activities that cause scandal or give any impression of the Church condoning religious indifferentism.

9. Issue a formal and dogmatically binding official papal interpretation of all sixteen documents of Vatican 2, bringing every single line into clear conformity with tradition, and anathemetizing all opposing interpretations.

10. Dogmatically define "ecumenism" as charitable dialogue with other christian communities, with the goal of bringing them into the One Church of Christ, the Catholic Church. Dogmatically define "inter religious dialogue" as charitable dialogue with other religions, with the goal of bringing about the conversion of their members to the Catholic faith and bringing them into the Catholic Church.

11. Issue a new "syllabus of errors" formally condemning all the errors of the modern age and all of those errors that have entered into the life of the Church.

12. Immediately dissolve all the Bishops Conferences throughout the entire world. Ecclesiastical power will once again be centralized in Rome, with Bishops in charge of their individual diocese in union with Rome.

13. Shut down numerous seminaries and sack countless faculty members at others, replacing them with faithful and orthodox theologians/professors.

14. Issue a decree of excommunication reserved to the Holy See against every single politician throughout the world that is actively involved in legislating legal abortion and forbid, under pain of mortal sin and excommunication, any priest or bishop throughout the world from giving holy communion to such excommunicated politicians. 

15. Issue a definitive and binding papal pronouncement clearly and unambiguously proclaiming that the divorced and remarried, who have not received an annulment and are not living as brother and sister, may not receive holy communion or the sacrament of penance, until such a time as they sincerely repent of their sin and have a firm purpose of ceasing from their sin.

16. Issue a large-scale review of the annulment process and issue guidelines ensuring the genuine validity of annulments from here on out.

17. The first year would be the "Year of Penance". Spend an entire year traveling the world as much as Pope John Paul 2 did, but speaking exclusively on the four last things, especially Hell.

18. Order every single parish of the Latin Church in the entire world to offer the sacrament of Penance for one whole hour before every single Sunday mass throughout the entire year of Penance.

19. Abolish "face to face" confession and reintroduce the traditional confessionals throughout the world.

20. Address the United Nations and forcefully proclaim Christ as Lord, God, and King; denounce the secularization of the western world, the abysmal morality of the nations, the slaughter of innocent babies, the perversion of human sexuality, and the prideful and satanic ambitions of the elites to bring about their new tower of Babel. 

Those are the things off the top of my head that I'd prioritize, what would you all do if you were Pope?
Many of those things sound good, but were I elected Pope, I'd be sure to, after getting the work done to restore the Church, sack ever single Cardinal that voted for me, appoint a decent successor and resign. 

Cardinals moronic enough to elect an unqualified idiot like me deserve to be fired, and even more so than for their heresy and apostasy!
Well sheeeeet man. There's nothing to discuss when you knocked it out of the park on the first go-round.

I suppose I would add: Make the Cardinals only 12 deep to get rid of "parties" jockeying for position in enclaves. And get rid of the "too old to vote" rule for Cardinals.

Question: What to do about the Anglican Ordinariate if we're allowing vernacular Low Mass? Make it an official sub-rite or suppress it?
1. Restore use of Papal tiara.
2. Restore title of Patriarch of the West.
3. Restore use of the TLM in the Latin Church.
4. Encourage wider use of the Mozarabic rite throughout the Iberian peninsula, perhaps in Latin America.
5. Restore the Gallican rite (corrected where necessary) to France.
6. Restore the Sarum rite (corrected where necessary) to England.
7. Require delatinization of all Eastern Catholic churches.
8. Reduce participation in ecumenical dialogue with Eastern Orthodoxy or Oriental Orthodoxy as a whole, begin discussions with each of the Orthodox churches individually.  If the Romanian church, for example, wants to rejoin the Catholic Church, we're not waiting until the rest of Orthodoxy decides it's ready.
9. Increase the number of bishops and dioceses, reduce the size of dioceses and number of parishes per diocese in the West.  No assistant bishops; all bishops visit their parishes at least once per year.
10. Restore the proper order of sacraments in the West.
11.  Reattach confirmation to baptism.
12. First Eucharist, at least once, at time of baptism for infants.  Encourage communing of infants and children in the West regularly.
13. Restore communion under both kinds.  Only by legitimate need may a person commune under one form only.
14. Allow married priests as assistants for larger parishes in the West.  One priest, one liturgy per day.  Pastors will be selected from celibate priests only.
15. Begin extensive, no holds barred, evangelization of Protestant communities.
16. Add other weekend prayer services in parishes of the West.  Saturday evening - Vespers, anticipated Masses if any (discouraged), Compline.  Sunday morning - Orthros, then the Masses for the day.
17.  Increase the territories of the patriarchates to equalize, as much as possible, territory of the major patriarchates.  Alexandria gets all of Africa; Antioch gets all of South Asia, to Australia and New Zealand; Constantinople gets Slavic and Balkan Europe, Russia, East Asia and Alaska; Jerusalem gets Arabian peninsula. Bishops will be biritual where needed.  Bishops of all dioceses, Western or Eastern, are under their respective patriarch.  All parishes, Western or Eastern, are under the bishop of their area - no overlapping dioceses.  The exception would be where a country has a large minority of a particular rite.  They will form a metropolitan church that reports directly to their patriarch.  Examples: All Byzantine rite Catholics in the US form one metropolitan Byzantine church. No Ukrainian, Ruthenian, Melkite or Romanian church (individual parishes may retain their recension as desired).  The metropolitan church exists as a separate jurisdiction from the Latin church structure.  The American Byzantine metropolitan, with his dioceses, will be subject directly to Rome, rather than the ritual patriarch.  Latin Catholics in India, another example, will form a metropolitan church that exists as a separate structure from the Malankara or Malabar churches.  The Latin metropolitanate is subject directly to the patriarch of Antioch.
18.  Separated patriarchs will be eventually recombined.  No Maronite, Melkite and Syriac patriarch of Antioch.  One patriarch of Antioch, who has authority over all Antiochene churches, regardless of rite.
19.  Restore election of bishops to the bishops of their neighboring dioceses, as was the long-standing practice in the West.  Neighboring bishops submit name to their patriarch for approval.
20. Major archbishops are patriarchs.
Quote:Make the Cardinals only 12 deep to get rid of "parties" jockeying for position in enclaves. And get rid of the "too old to vote" rule for Cardinals.
Excellent idea. Only 12 thoroughly orthodox cardinals appointed by a thoroughly orthodox Pope ought to help solve the crisis in the long run.

Quote:What to do about the Anglican Ordinariate if we're allowing vernacular Low Mass? Make it an official sub-rite or suppress it?
I don't really see much of an issue with continuing to permit the Anglican Ordinariate, its certainly not a cringe-worthy modernist-inspired liturgy like the Novus Ordo. That said, if we allow the TLM to be celebrated in the vernacular (which should have been the only liturgical reform that came of Vatican 2), I think the Ordinariate will kind of just die out on its own.
Call the bishops together and consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary asap
I’d declare all Christian services valid, because ecumenism, maaaaaaannnnnn...
Holy cow, how could I forget?!?

21.  Cultural circumcision will be an excommunicable offense.  Parents and doctors who circumcise infants, after penance, must wait 7 years before again receiving the sacraments.
(06-19-2019, 05:55 PM)Melkite Wrote: [ -> ]Holy cow, how could I forget?!?

21.  Cultural circumcision will be an excommunicable offense.  Parents and doctors who circumcise infants, after penance, must wait 7 years before again receiving the sacraments.

Circumcision is one of those practices that just leaves me dumbfounded. There is no concrete medical benefit of mutilating an infant's genitalia, so why do people still do it? My mother-in-law was shocked when I said that we were not going to circumcise my son. I was like "well, we're not why would we do that?"
Going off of Melkite's rebuilding of the Eastern patriarch's, I would make it so that in addition to the 12 cardinals, the Patriarchs of each major See will also participate in the enclaves.

I really liked your suggestion Melkite of expanding Eastern territory. I'd had been thinking about that a lot on my own as of late.
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