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Full Version: Long distance relationship
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Laudetur Iesus Christus!

I have an interesting problem. I live and work in Hungary as a trainee lawyer (a year or so and I would be a practicing attorney). I met the love of my life last year and we spent more than half a year constantly together and get to to know each other as well as we could. We lived in chastity of course but we always had something fun to do. The only problem is that she is a freshly graduated medical doctor and before she met me she had signed a contract with a recruitment agency to get a job in Finland. The salary of physicians is quite bad in Hungary and ever the dutiful girl that she was all about to support her family rather that being dependent on her aging parents during the years of her residency she so was willing to settle abroad and support her family from there. So we knew that some day she would fly away and that she did a month ago. But enough bragging.

The thing is while we were together we shared intimacy. Holding hands, hugging, kissing (with moderation). Touch or hold the other person which was not explicitly sexual and my desire for intimacy was (for most) satisfied. Of course I was tempted by sexual desire but I always could contrast these desires with our real non-sexual shared time. Intimacy and sexuality could remain separate. But now as she is gone it is surprisingly harder. I remember her and how much I love her but as I recall the touch of her skin and the smell of her hair lustful thoughts enter my mind. I cannot shut my memory because I want to remember her as much as I can but since there is no method to actually feel her presence and only her memory I am more tempted by lustful thought than the time when we were at arms length. Does that make any sense? :)

I try to keep my mind on our shared moments that I treasure rather than how attractive she is and on love and not on attraction.

Anybody has experience with long distance relationship?
In my limited experience, they don't go well. If you're a trainee lawyer in Hungary, I assume you'll be practicing law in Hungary. Your girlfriend has a good job as a physician in Finland. The separation doesn't seem that temporary.
What is it you expect from this relationship? As far as I'm concerned a person shouldn't get into such a relationship unless there's some intent to marry. If she's the love of your life, figure out how to be together and marry the woman. I know that's blunt but that's the way I see it.
I expect everything from this relationship and both of us agree that we would marry if circumstances permit. However the game was rigged from the beginning as the contract she signed contained a clause of stipulated payment if she terminates the recruitment agreement before she enters employment with her new employer in Finland. This was incorporated to ensure the return of investment of the recruitment agency as they financed her language course, exam and flights. This way she could not terminate this contract without serious monetary backlash so she went to see what awaits her. As I mentioned she had entered this agreement before she met me.

Our system of education is a bit different than the USA's. I'm 27 years old and after 5 years of law school and (nearly) 3 years of traineeship I'm about to take the bar exam and become an attorney of my own. If we were to settle here my income would be significantly higher than hers as resident so we decided that I must continue my path and become a practitioner. If she strucks a goldmine abroad she might earn much more than I could hope as a young lawyer even with a firm. (the majority are solo practitioners here due to tax reasons). I would have no problem to leave my future career in law behind but that is not the point.

Because of the different education (between Hungary and Finland), she is currently employed as something of a 'nurse' to ease her in and before she start as a doctor. We have no idea how long she will be employed in certain positions or how her income would rise in the future, she is in the process of "feeling things out". Also the recruitment agency is quite incompetent and constantly complicates things.

This way our separation is inevitable for now as neither of us could support the other at this point not to mention marry.

We are married and living happily in Finland. I completed my Hungarian Bar Exam and now I start my second semester as a student at the University of Helsinki in the Programme of International Business Law.
We even have a little group of Hungarian Catholics here.

Have patience and trust in God. That is what I learned.
That's great to hear, Balthasar!  Mazal Tov!!  May God grant you many happy years and many children!!
Didn't see the dates, was very very confused haha.

That's wonderful!
Hello everyone. I had a relationship at a distance, but they did not last long. Such relationships cannot last long because there are stages in the relationship that you must go through in order to be together. At some point, it is simply necessary to be together physically, and long-distance relationships do not allow this. That's why they end.