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Full Version: How to respond to someone who struggles with pornography
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Dear friends, I seek some advice.
God has greatly blessed me with a holy and devoted young man whom I have been dating for nearly two months now. Last night he confessed to me that he struggles with pornography and masturbation, and he apologized to me for the times when he has fallen into these sins during the course of our relationship. He genuinely is trying to overcome these sins, and he avoids occasions of sin by not owning a smart phone and having no internet in his home or his workplace. He loves God passionately and is wholeheartedly seeking sainthood, facts which completely confuse me as to why he has this dark side, but perhaps someone else can explain that better than I can. I was humbled that he would have the strength and humility to confess to and apologize for something so difficult to speak about, and I’m so grateful that he was honest with me. However, I don’t know where to go from here. How do I support him in his struggle without becoming too involved in an obviously uncomfortable and awkward topic? Should I express anger or disappointment when he falls (as he seemed to think I would when he apologized)? Or even worse, should I consider this a dealbreaker that should catalyze the end of our relationship? Ultimately, I want us both to become holy and to stay together, but I am no longer certain how to do this now that the situation has altered. Any advice and prayers are much appreciated.
Thank you!
I would recommend prayer and continue drawing closer to Our Lord, getting into the habit of daily Rosary which I'm trying to do (Takes me nearly an hour to go through the whole thing and rushing it is futile with no graces, so I try to just say 1 decade).

I would also recommend an online filter that you could create the password for so he doesn't know it which should help. I use K9 Web Protection which has worked great, it doesn't get everything but gets the majority of it. Need to block 'pornography' and 'proxy avoidance', proxy's allow you to bypass any kind of filter.

If anyone reads this and does not want to share any such struggle with others, then what I did for myself, was I picked a large list of keys for windows for example such as XYGHT-GSNFY-021GF etc then I randomly scrolled down the massive list (like Russian Roulette) quickly highlighted a small random section such as 'GSNFY' and copied it (Ctrl+C) then I closed it immediately so I wouldn't remember what it was or where in the large list I found it, then pasted the password in (Ctrl+P) untill it was properly set up, once set up I emailed that massive list to myself and have forgotten the password, that way if I ever need to remove it, it will just take hours and hours to try all those combinations and passions don't last long enough to spend two days trying different combinations in a massive list.

Also need to do the same for your dummy email address that you link the software to otherwise you can simply say "Forgot password" and it gets emailed to you.

Hope this helps and God Bless
My suggestions:

This sin is an expression primarily of anxiety.

Don't make heavy reliance on others for spiritual direction. Use the sacraments, including confession and advice given therein.

Being a sinner is not a dealbreaker.
Pray pray pray. It's a difficult vice to break, but trust in the Holy Spirit and eventually it can be overcome. I've been porn-free for close to two years after fifteen years of addiction. The worst part of it all, is that once you break the vice the devil will utilize those memories to tempt you. But if you maintain a good prayer life, it will be difficult to relapse.
How to respond?
I think I would be surprised, maybe shocked, maybe disappointed.  Not all sin is equal, but I would hopefully remind myself that we are all sinners.
It is very good that he is avoiding the internet.  Very good.  Well done, guy.  He knows he has a problem.  Again, well done, guy.
You can be supportive, but this is his struggle.  He must fight this fight.  He cannot transfer responsibility for his behavior on to you.  You cannot become his babysitter or minder.
You can pray for him.  You can pray with him.  You can be a kind, friendly distraction when he is struggling, but you cannot fix him.  He must fix himself.  Prayer and backbone.    Do not progress farther in the relationship until he has won control over this  - you do not want to marry a man with such a vice but having had this problem in his past does not rule him out forever.
Others have given more concrete methods for him to avoid porn.  Professional counseling might be in order.  Surely there is more to porn addiction than liking to look at naked women, there must be something else going on inside.  Modern counseling won't be very helpful for the masturbation, but getting to the bottom of one (porn) may get to the bottom of the other.
I myself having been under this vice for many years, can tell you a few hints, both for you to help him and for you to be calm:

1.-Besides the obvius and undeniable reality of sin, this vice is also a reflex response to anxiety which gets rooted after repetition. He can dominate this specific source of temptation if he follows a few practical rules:

-adopt and practice an alternative response to situations of anxiety. For instance, wash te dishes (if he is at home ). Or, if he is at the offe, get the telephone and call his mother or grandmoter and ask them if they are fine. Or go and brush his theet. Or get out and walk around the block. Something very doable which creates a retribution for itself, so it can become his new habit.
-avoid situations of temptation. So, if he needs to use the computer, he has to pray before he starts doing it and he must do it preferably in a public place or in the presence of others. He must avoid using it whe he is alone, so he must never stay in the office when all others have left.
-He can place a crucifix or a piuos image as the computer's wallpaper of near it, so he can see it at all times.

2.-Of course the above is only about the animal part of te problem (the fixed reflex), but he must also take care of the supernatural sie of it (the sin), for which he must go to confession as regularly as possible, even if he has just sinned venially. te stronger the grace, the stronger he will be to resist. if he falls, he must not feel ashamed, for the perspnal shame with the priest is nothing compared to the shame he should already feel in front of Jesus Christ.

As he has already spoken to you, you should not feel uncomfortable ny talking to him about it and giving him this advice.

3.-Though sin of lust are usually mortal, they are not the gravest. Contrary to common belief, especially contrary to puritan belief, the worst sins are those that happen in the realm of intelligence, such as pride. Your boyfriend is certainly less a sinner than proud neocons that believe to be already saved just because they are so great.

God bless you both and please pray for me.
Before I returned to the Church I watched porn and thought nothing of it.  I didn't think it was harmful in any way and didn't understand why the Church was opposed to it.  Same with masturbation. 

Once I understood why it should be avoided, why it's harmful, I had no trouble avoiding it.  It's much easier to follow a rule if you understand why it's there.  At least it is for me. 

Both shape your mind into viewing women as sexual objects, as things rather than people.  A naked woman is viewed as simply a means of sexual gratification rather than a person.  How can you love someone if you dehumanize them?  I haven't had a problem since I took that to heart.

Bottom line is your boyfriend has to decide for himself what type of man he wants to be.  You have to decide what type of man you want.
He should meditate everyday on the horrors not only of eternal damnation but also of the cleansing of fire of purgatory: recommend this to him. Oftentimes it's not psychologically sufficient to be running towards something (especially something as difficult to comprehend as God), but rather for some it is also necessary to be running away from something. Highly recommend the Rosary, don't have to jump into it, but at least ease into it and say it more and more - would be bonding as well if you two said it together, I would think. One of the main ways I overcame this is I gave myself other things to do: finding things - Meaningful things- that you can fill your day-to-day schedule with keeps you occupied and subdues many temptations...and it doesn't take a genius to figure out boredom - the result of not pursuing what matters and is difficult in other areas of your life - is the root cause of many, many sins and temptations. I would just share this advice with him. There's an excellent nofap community on reddit as well, although he may very well already know of that. I would just copy and paste this message to him. I will pray for him.