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Full Version: Catholic Audiobook: Pope Leo XIII Treatise on Humility
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This small book on humility was written by Pope Leo XIII when he was Bishop of Perugia for his seminarians.  It is clear, concise and speaks with the authority of a spiritual elder on the practice of humility in such terms that it could benefit all the faithful by listening to his instructions.  The book is organized into 3 parts: First in a series of short chapters written by Pope Leo XIII on the topic of humility, what it is, how to practice it, signs of vanity and pride, and the fruits of humility.  Second, a homily by St. Augustine of Hippo, Father and Doctor of the Church, on true Humility, and finally a series of select excerpts from various spiritual Masters, starting with the Church Fathers all the way up to the 1800′s on humility.

“To refuse tribulations is to rebel against the justice of God, which is so salutary ; it is also to reject that chalice which He offers us in His mercy, and which Jesus Christ Himself, although innocent, desired to be the first to drink.”  Pope Leo XIII

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Humility is such an essential virtue.