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Full Version: Very Special Bible
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I received this pre-Vatican II Papal Bible from my father-in-law the other day. A gift from his mother to his father in 1955. It instantly became one of my most prized possessions. I just wanted to share some pictures I took of it.[Image: b181a23befeea804e1d0de8da642fc5b.jpg][Image: 2c4f3e3711cdcde98586f25f210531b4.jpg][Image: 26550dcf1d727fe6028b1224bc594509.jpg][Image: 13f1e7d22db5602c3eb121567aebf502.jpg][Image: 3353b4246edf9c58630e50efac908618.jpg][Image: 51c6200eb184bd1d31250507e9e4a6b4.jpg][Image: 164cd72fa27c86c29ca4eb6a76a7f3cd.jpg][Image: 9704249826e72b50c0f0a35125f08443.jpg][Image: 792ddb359b2a90f82388e9a3e314a49e.jpg]

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Oh my...

[Image: giphy.gif]
Done when printing was an art form.
Gorgeous!  Such a blessing to have.