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Full Version: An Oddity
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In my 'New St Joseph's Sunday Missal' from Catholic Book Publishing, the Gospel for this Sunday is headed 'The Prodigal Son'. You know how in the NO sometimes a portion of a reading is in brackets and can be omitted for the 'Short Form'?

Well, guess what's bracketed in this week's Gospel? The entire story of the Prodigal Son, leaving only the story of the lost sheep and that of the woman who lost a groat and then found it that MUST be read.
Well, I mean, they might go over their 45 min time limit for Mass, so you've gotta skip it  :rolleyes:
Not in the Diocese of Lincoln! I've never heard the short form used here.
Strange, although I think I remember the prodigal son being recited some earlier Sunday this year in the NO.
But we must expand the lectionary into a 3 year and 2 year multi-cycle to include...not the entire Bible? Well, just make it seem like it's the entire Bible (or make that the narrative), so we can feel Biblically literate? Eh, let's just make it optional. Too much material and no one's paying attention anyway.  :cool:

Except Jovan.