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Full Version: Catholic Biblical Backfire
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Prayer intention books as in the ramblings requesting communal response for the "prayers of the faithful?"

These "prayers" typically sound naive and gay.

A recent one I heard was something along the lines of, "that we recognize how diverse peoples and cultures add to the rich tapestry of life as we accept and share their unique gifts, we pray to the Lord." PUKE!!
You got it - prayers of the faithful. They are horrible and people just babble that crap like parrots.

How about this one - We pray for the end to all gun sales, to bring world peace. I shook my head and told my wife and others in the pew - Don't pray for that!

But it does go well with the pope's idea that we need to obey the UN.

I'm sorry, but the average Catholic has been conditioned to never question the clergy, and is so un-learned in the faith it's like they are in the Matrix. I wonder how far back this goes?
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