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Full Version: Real Crusades History!
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Here's a great channel I think many here would enjoy!  I can tell the creator is clearly Catholic and he has a pretty cool band as well.  :)

See all his videos here:

I just watched the one on the custom of naming kids after Saints and he has many that debunk many myths about the Catholic Church.  He doesn't say from which university he received his Medieval History degree, but I have a couple of guesses. ;)

It's so cool that he has over 100,000 subscribers!  :heart:
I've been watching him for a long time. In fact, I shared this one on my blog earlier today.

Here is his album which has Catholic themes:

Some tracks are better than others but not bad overall. 

Just love to spread some good news for a change. :)
So hyped to see you're still around SHL!
J. Stephen also has a blog, Real Crusades History.