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Full Version: 8 Foods Made in China You Must Avoid...
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Watch out for anything made in China, especially recently made there, but most decidedly, avoid any food products made in China.

Here's why one should at least avoid food products (and pet foods and treats as well!):

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8 Foods Made in China You Must Avoid (Filled with Plastic, Pesticides and Cancer Causing Chemicals)

1. Eggs.
Some china company produces fake eggs or plastic eggs. These eggs are made from harmful compounds. You must avoid these china eggs.

2. Industrial Salt.
Industrial china salt is very harmful for your health.

3. Apple Juice.
About 50% of all apple juice sold in the US comes from China. China has been known to use harmful pesticides on their food. [ed: This is a biggie. Apples, even domestic, are some of the most heavily sprayed with insecticides. China is exponentially worse.]

4. Chinese garlic.
31% of garlic sold in the U.S. is imported from China! These garlic are produced by using harmful chemical spray.

5. Fake Beef.
Another harmful food that you should avoid is fake beef. Avoid fake china beef, as this can be very harmful for your health.

6. Green Peas.
In China, fake green peas were made using snow peas, soybeans, along with green dye and sodium metabisulfite, which is a chemical that is used as the bleach.

7. Plastic Rice.
In china some rice has been manufactured entirely from potatoes mixed with an industrial resin that could be deadly.

8. Tilapia Fish.
Around 80% of tilapia in America is imported from China. The fish are bottom feeders and they eat almost anything.
I always wondered why Chinese garlic tasted weird. I figured it was something in the soil over there.