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Full Version: 1054 Schism - Excommunication of Michael Cerularius by Cardinal Humbert
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For those of you who are interested in studying the great schism of 1054, here is the bull of excommunication issued against Patriarch Michael Cerularius by Cardinal Humbert of Silva Candida. Interesting that in this bull mentions a man named "Constantine" who desecrated the Latin Eucharist. My research has shown me that the actual perpetrator was named Nicephorus, who was Cerularius' chancellor.

This is from Byzantium: Church, Society, and Civilization Seen through Contemporary Eyes (Geanakoplos) pgs. 208-209

Quote:Humbert, by the grace of God cardinal-bishop of the Holy Roman Church; Peter, archbishop of Amalfi; Frederick, deacon and chancellor, to all sons of the Catholic Church: 

The holy Roman, first, and Apostolic See, toward which, as toward which, toward the head, belongs the special solicitude of all churches, for the sake of the peace and benefit of the church, has deigned to appoint us apocrisiarii [legates] to this city, in order that, according to our instructions, we might come over and see whether in fact the clamor still continues which, without ceasing, comes to its [Rome's] ears or, if that is not so, in order that the Holy See might find out about it. Therefor, above all else, let the glorious emperors, the clergy, the senate, and the people of this city of Constantinople, and the entire Catholic Church, know that we have noted here a great good, on account  of which we deeply rejoice in the Lord, but also we have perceived a very great evil because of which we are extremely saddened.

For, with respect to the pillars of the empire and its wise and honored citizens, the City is most Christian and orthodox. However, with regard to Michael, falsely called patriarch, and his followers in folly, too many tares [zizania] of heresies are daily sown in its midst. For as the Simoniacs sell God's gift; as the Valesians castrate their guests and promote them not only to the priesthood but even to the episcopate; as the Arians rebaptize people already baptized (especially Latins) in the name of the Holy Trinity; as the Donatists affirm that, excepting for the Greek church, Christ's church and the true sacrifice [of the mass] and baptism have perished from the whole world;  as the Nicolaites permit and defend [carnal] marriage for ministers of the holy altar; as the Severians maintain that the law of Moses is accursed; as the Pneumatomachians [enemies of the Holy Spirit} or Theoumachians have deleted from the creed the procession of the Holy Spirit; as the Manichaeans declare, among other things, that anything fermented is alive; as the Nazarenes maintain the bodily cleanliness of the Jews to such a point that they deny baptism to infants who die before the eighth day after birth or if they [the women] were pagan they forbid them to be baptized; also, they [the Nazarenes], preserving their hair and beards, do not receive into communion those who, according to the custom of the Roman church, cut their hair and shave their beards. Although admonished by our Lord Pope Leo regarding these errors and many other of his deeds, Michael [Cerularius] himself has with contempt disregarded these warnings. Moreover, to us his [Leo's] ambassadors who are seeking faithfully to stamp out the cause of such great evils, he denied his presence and any oral communication, and he forbade [us the use of] churches to celebrate Mass in, just as earlier he had closed the Latin churches [in Constantinople] , and calling the Latins azymites [users of unleavened bread in communion], he hounded them everywhere in word and deed. Indeed, in the persons of its sons, he cursed the Apostolic See, in opposition to which he signed himself "ecumenical patriarch." Wherefore, not putting up with this unheard-of slander and insult to the first, holy Apostolic See, and seeing the Catholic faith assaulted in many ways, we, by the authority of the undivided and Holy Trinity and that of the Apostolic See, whose embassy we constitute, and by the authority of the all the orthodox fathers of the seven [ecumenical] councils and that of the entire Catholic church, whatever our most reverend lord the pope has denounced in Michael and his followers, unless they repent, we declare to be anathematized:

"May Michael, false neophyte patriarch, who only out of human fear assumed the monastic habit, not known notoriously to many because of his extremely wicked crimes, and with him Leo the archdeacon called bishop of Ochrida, and his treasurer [sacellarius] Michael, and Constantine who with profane feet trampled upon the Latins' sacrifice [the Eucharist], and all their followers in the aforesaid errors and presumptions, be anathematized, Maranatha, with the Simoniacs, Valesians, Arians, Donatists, Nicolaites, Severians, Pneumatomachians, Manichaeans, and Nazarenes, and with all heretics, indeed with the devil and his angels, unless by some chance they repent. Amen. Amen. Amen."