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Full Version: Flashing shoes in church?!? WTF?!?
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Okay so a couple of months ago, there is this lady at church whose daughters are wearing the kind of shoes that light up and flash when you walk. During church! I walk up to her and tell her that the flashing is giving me a headache. She does her best to mediate the situation and I am also able to get the subdeacon to talk to her and her husband after the vespers. Pt. I

Pt. II - they've done marvelous at making certain their daughters wear church shoes. Her husband personally thanked me for helping them become better parents. Good so far.

Pt. III - two weeks ago, the subdeacon's daughter is wearing flashing shoes?!? I let his wife know bluntly the shoes are inappropriate. I pull him aside and tape in shock and horror. He tells me that "kids are going to wear flashing shoes." I try to explain that his kids are his responsibility. He needs to grow his kids in proper manner. He eventually tells me to talk with the protodeacon or the priest there that day. I talk with the priest. He tells me that the now reposed pastor had spoken numerous times against flashing shoes in church. But since he has not been made pastor of the congregation, there is limited what he can do.

Pt. IV - spoke to the subdeacon's wife last night and all she did was make excuses. "Our parish isn't legalistic." "You don't have the right to tell me how I should dress my children." "I never heard the pastor say that about flashing shoes." Etc. I am going to speak with the interim pastor about this but I am greatly disturbed by the behavior and hypocrisy of the subdeacon and his wife in this current situation. And I feel tremendously powerless against it.
As someone who is living with children, shoes are expensive.  "Our" children do not have different shoes for school and church.  Each child has one good pair of quality, comfortable, durable shoes until they outgrow those shoes, which happens about 3 times a year.
Do you know how much good quality, comfortable, durable shoes cost?  Yes, we could buy several pairs of shoes at Walmart, but they do not last, are not comfortable, and literally fall apart once you get past the toddler age. 
And, I would not appreciate someone criticizing my children's shoes.  If the flashing lights give you headaches, then yes, we will try to sit elsewhere from now on, or, you could move to another seat.  But until you are ready to buy my children's shoes.....
Just look away. Those types of shoes are tacky in church, but if they’re enough to give you a headache you may have something more serious going on that needs a doctor’s attention.
It's hard to find people more inconsiderate (in general) than parents of young children.

Who buys any attire for a child without looking ahead for what they need for Mass?
Thanks yablabo for the sensible comment. Flashing shoes are MORE expensive than generic nonflashers, btw.

I am not saying it's easy being a parent. I'm saying that parents are responsible for teaching their children good habits and proper behavior. Among this includes proper attire. My parents did that for me. I don't wear jeans and a USA t-shirt to church.
'WTF' really? in a Catholic forum......not nice,not pleasant.
Let me tell you a story about what recently happened with my son's shoes. We don't have loads of money, but we buy our kids at least one pair of church shoes and a couple pairs of casual shoes. My son went through a growth spurt and literally one week to the next his church shoes did not fit. Guess which pair was the only one that fit.... his light up tennis shoes. It was cold and rainy, and I decided that it was safer to send him in the (yes, tacky for mass) light up shoes than bags taped to his feet. We then took him to the shoe store as soon as we could.

There is a reason the priests at our parish have told us to speak to them so that they can handle dress code issues (which they do). You don't know others' circumstances, and the priests have the authority and charity to correct the issue properly. If the priest or authority figures at your church didn't resolve the issue to your satisfaction, I think there are better hills to die on.

Credidi is right too, photophobia can be a sign of serious medical conditions. Better get that checked out.
(11-17-2019, 10:07 PM)LosAngeles Wrote: [ -> ]'WTF' really? in a Catholic forum......not nice,not pleasant.

I find it fascinating that according to you profile your pet peeve is being judgemental and the first post you make on the  forum is a judgemental one.
(11-17-2019, 07:04 PM)Credidi Propter Wrote: [ -> ]Just look away. Those types of shoes are tacky in church, but if they’re enough to give you a headache you may have something more serious going on that needs a doctor’s attention.

yes, one and done , goodbye. please ban me.your a moderator? what the f**k!?
the moderator is a douche bag.......WTF? I bet your a liberal democrat
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