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Full Version: Legality of forming an Amazon Rite
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The last synod in Rome about sustainable devolp-...I mean the Amazon has alot of people concerned. One of the things that made it into the final document was talks about forming an "Amazonian Rite". Didn't one of the Pope Piuses (i think it was V) ban anymore rites being made in fear of corrupt prelates abusing it to introduce error in the church? It making a new rite legal? If Pope Francis were to allow it, would he be anathema?
In disciplinary matters, one Pope cannot bind another Pope, since both have equal power.

The human elements of the liturgical rite are matters of disciplinary law, and thus could, theoretically, be changed by any Pope, or even custom which gains force of law.

To change the liturgy, however, in a manner which would harm the Faith, or incorporate elements which were antithetical to Christianity, or harm the common good would go against the notion of law, because a law is an ordinance of reason for the common good. Legislation (i.e. a new rite) which would cause harm to the common good (i.e. the salvation of souls), or would be unreasonable, or would go against the foundation of that legislative power (i.e. the Faith), would be no law at all.

It would not be a matter of an anathema, but could not bind people, and would be an abuse of power. It would be no law at all.