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Full Version: My pastor is awesome!
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This past Saturday I headed to my local NO parish for confession. How wonderful to hear Gregorian Chant on the sound system! Drowns out voices from the confessional while bringing the depth and peace of God's grace. 

In addition, the bulletin said that all the Rotate Masses this Advent shall be done ad orientem, accompanied by Latin chant!

I often get frustrated having TLM over an hour away, but I realize how blessed I truly am to have a local parish that is very orthodox despite it's NO status.

Nothing can truly replace TLM, nothing can substitute the reverence of kneeling at an altar rail, but man, after the Amazon SINod, I have to thank God for allowing me to have a parish that, while imperfect liturgically, is actually Catholic.

I know some people may avoid NO altogether, but if you attend it due to availability issues (such as myself), then I pray your priest is like ours.

I truly feel Tradition will win out. Traditionalizing NO like this will pull people away from the guitars and felt banners. It's a step by step process to getting back to Tradition. Meanwhile, Susan from the parish counsel is likely having a Prozac prescription filled to cope.

Archbishop Lefebvre, your work was not in vain. We still have a way to go, but indeed the fruits of your commitment are still blossoming.