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Full Version: What is a Missa Simplex in the Novus Ordo?
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There is a parish nearby that I go to for confession. The young priest actually wears a cassock and is a good confessor. The Mass has some nice Latin music but that’s as far as it goes, gobs of EMCH’s and the such. No one kneels for Communion. I sometimes wonder if the priest has very little say in what goes on. So many angry looking older women in jeans and tennis shoes for Mass. So, I have been avoiding it. But I read in the bulletin that they are adding an extra Sunday Mass: 

The 7:30 am would be a Misa simplex (a simple Mass); it would feel a little like a daily Mass – quiet and meditative. It will be a said Mass (no music) and communion will only be distributed under one species (the Body of Christ).

Hm, sounds interesting. What does this look like in the Novus Ordo? 
Daily Mass lasts about 30 minutes, 20 if you have my old monsignor.
No singing.  A bell rings and Father walks in, very simple.  It is very quiet.  Very nice.  Short, to the point sermons tied directly to the Gospel, not expanded.  The sign of peace is shaking hands with those next to you, a head nod to others (as opposed to the clan gathering at a regular NO).  Some churches have it in a chapel, others celebrate the daily as usual.  Some have the rosary before or after, others don't.  Some have the Angelus before, others don't.
I much prefer daily Mass to Sunday Mass.
When I've had to go to the NO for a daily mass (holy days of obligation), I've found it much easier to focus and pray than during the noisy Sunday NO.

If those are your only options, then I'd say it sounds like a decent option.
I've been to daily NO Masses like this. It was nice. Sadly the parish was run by Dominicans so the consistency wasn't always there cause a different priest (or a visiting priest) would do things slightly differently every other day. But when it was my favorite priest? (Fr Gregory Pine who is frequently on Pints With Aquinas these days) It was as perfect as the NO can get.
Thanks everyone for the feedback. The Mass will start on the first Sunday of Advent. I think I’ll check it out.