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Full Version: What is the best way to give thanks to God after a minor accident?
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I had a minor traffic accident on my way to work. Thankfully, I was uninjured and my bicycle was undamaged. The women driving the car was very helpful and concerned about me, as was another bicyclist who happened to be passing by at the time. Like I said, I was uninjured but just badly shaken up. I recognize it could have been a much more devastating accident and I thank God for this small miracle. I want to thank Him in some special way, through prayer and/or some kind of sacrifice, but I don't know what is the best way to show my gratitude in this circumstance. Any suggestions?

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This may be annoyingly obvious, but you can add your thanksgiving the next time you attend Mass and receive.  Maybe pray one of the psalms that are focused on thanksgiving.
The Te Deum has traditionally been prayed as a thanksgiving. Glad you're OK. Years ago when I cycled to and from work, I had a couple of bad spills, so I know what it's like. I once ran up the backside of a VW Bug that stopped suddenly in front of me. Knocked me of the bike, and surprised the driver!