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Full Version: Bergoglio=666 Unicode
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Here's a "mark of the beast" meets "Prophecies of St Malachy" mash-up. Crunch the numbers of the code we all depend on, and "Unmasking the biblical antichrist" asserts that the surname of our Pontifex Maximus non-emeritus=yeah, you guessed it.

Laramie Hirsch, "red-pilled traditionalist writer," expounds on this the other day with some welcome levity @ "Fun with Unicode".
[Image: NumberofTheBeast.png]

P.S. Sharing this from my pal, adept in coding and in Catholicism both, who's  guided me as a "revert" to the TLM....
It's interesting his name has "GOG" in it.

Bush Sr. was known as "Magog" in Skull and Bones at Yale, and was ambassador to China.
Interesting coincidence, although I am certain a Pope can not be the Antichrist and certainly not the Beast. In addition, none of the events that come before the arrival of these figures have happened yet, nor the Tribulation.
You know what "They" say, "That and a dolla'll  buy you a cup of coffee." He's not charming enough to be anti-christ.