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Full Version: Catholic Brains Needed
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I'm wanting to put together a collection, free for download, of fables and fairy tales that highlight the moral virtues and 7 deadly sins so parents can have stuff to read to their kids and teach them about the virtues and cardinal sins. Anyone have any input?

Justice (including the virtues of Religion; Piety; Gratitude; Liberality;  and Affability)
Fortitude (including the virtues of Patience; Munificence; Magnanimity; and Perseverance)
Temperance (including the virtues of Continence; Humility; Meekness; and Modesty)

Pride: contrary virtue to pride is humility, an aspect of temperance
Greed: contrary virtue to greed is liberality, an aspect of justice
Lust:  contrary virtue to lust is chastity, an aspect of temperance
Anger:  contrary virtue to anger is meekness, an aspect of temperance
Gluttony: contrary virtue to gluttony is temperance
Envy: contrary virtue to envy is brotherly love
Sloth: contrary virtue to sloth is diligence

For ex., "The Little Red Hen" illustrates sloth. "The Emperor's New Clothes" illustrates pride/lack of modest temperance. Aesop's fable about the Sun and the Wind might be seen to illustrate prudence. The Tortoise and the Hare is about the tortoises's slow and steady perseverance. And so on.

A list of kid-friendly movies that do the same thing would be cool, too.
On your short list should be Oscar Wilde's The Happy Prince, a tale of faithfulness and self-sacrifice.

Thanks for your efforts. It's a worthy project.
William J Bennet's The Book of Virtues is a great compilation of classical stories about various virtues.  He doesn't categorize the virtues in the same way Catholic theology does, but parents can easily translate them.

They also made cartoon videos of his anthology that provided many hours of quiet, peaceful entertainment (read: respite for weary parents) and my kids would watch them over and over.

Aesop's Fables are always great for a virtue lesson, but it hurts my brain to try and remember specifics...sorry. :P

Really, every history lesson, every story read, movie watched etc. was followed by the question:  What virtues did that character show?  And what vices did they or another character show?

And every billboard, or TV commercial (although we always turned those off when we actually watched TV which was only sporting events) was an opportunity for my kids to earn a dollar if they could tell me which of the seven deadly sins they were selling you.

And one more idea for parents of toddler through first graders:  they love stickers and love to tell Dad about their day when he gets I would keep a roll of sticky-backed name tags and a marker handy and whenever they would demonstrate a virtue during the day I would write it on the name tag and stick it on their shirt.  Then when Dad would come home he would ask what they did and the kids would beam while telling Dad how they showed a particular virtue that day.

Anyway, I hope others have more specific titles for your list, Vox. :)
Aesop is always a great start. My wife has a pretty thick book of Aesop's fables, and even my 12 year old still enjoys reading them. Two examples that came to mind:

The Goose the Laid the Golden Egg - patience, temperance

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse - Envy, greed

Also, the title of the thread made me think this had something to do with zombies and the Vatican. :P
Thanks for the ideas so far, guys.
I like this idea, but nothing is immediately coming to mind for me.  I also thought the title said "Catholics Brians" at first.