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Full Version: How exactly does the cult around a future saint develop?
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I was reading about whether or not the canonization of saints was infallible.  Talk about a headache.  I think the topic is almost too stupid/frustrating to discuss.  The contrast between the old rationale for canonization (recognition of a cult that had grown around a particular individual) vs the new (I dunno, creating a Vatican II Hall of Fame?) got me thinking about how the old way worked.

Do people just start praying to a particular person and see where things go from there?  Is there any risk of different types of sin or immorality in doing this?

EDIT: I ask because the main person that I would like to pray for me and my family is Abp. Lefebvre. You know, because he was based and stuff.
From my understanding, yeah, it really starts with those closest to the individual to start praying for/to them for intercession. Once it spreads wide enough, then the local diocese looks into it and sees if there's any confirmation of miracles.

I invoke Abp. Lefebvre every day. Regardless of your stance on his actions toward the Conciliar Church, the man was the greatest missionary of the 20th century and possessed heroic virtue. I pray for the day that he's canonized.
I believe there are differences between cults and their origins, some beginning when the person is still amongst us, and others developing after their deaths.

Saint Anthony of Padua is a good example of the first case, for in life people knew his virtues and were certain that he was a living saint. After his death miracles kept coming all the time, and this was just a "confirmation" that the man was indeed a saint.
The second case could be Our Blessed Mother, for in life she was a simple and poor widow, doing her daily chores and caring for her only Son, and after her death... we all know the rest.

I don't understand why you mention the possibility of any sins of immorality.