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Full Version: Gift suggestions for a (non-secular) priest?
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Any idea what a good gift for a priest would be? These aren't diocesan priests, they're religious priests (but Canons)-- I'd like to get a priest some sort of creature comfort but not sure if that goes against the very principal of religious life
You can’t go wrong with food.
You can't go wrong with a bottle of some fine wine or (depending on how well you know him and what his tatse is) a bottle of some good scotch (preferably single malt and at least 12 years old, but a good blended scotch is fine too).

If you want to play it safe, you can always get him a combat rosary from Fr. Heilman and The US Grace Force.
Priests are always being given Rosaries. They want food, cash, and gift cards.
Depends on how much you have to spend. Get him a Buddy Portable Heater for when the power goes out. I betcha dollars to donuts he doesn't have one.
Oh, and nice to see you in the tank, Iuv!  :)
Gift cards.
Starbucks.  Panera. Pizza delivery.   Maybe someplace close that they can walk to.

A case of craft beer.
Car tools.
Hot sauce samplers.
Gift card for a month of car washes.
Two tickets to a local ballgame.
If he golfs, his particular brand of golf balls.
They are men, so, men stuff.