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Full Version: Remember To Offer Up Trials And Sufferings!
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So many of us have trials, sorrows, and sufferings that become acute at the Christmas Holidays.

I just wanted to remind everyone that while these feelings are real and painful and difficult...and I'm sorry you are going through this...

they can be used for good if we unite them to the Holy Cross and offer them up as a prayer especially for the person (relatives etc.) causing us pain.  

That's what Jesus did for us after all.  

And His cross was already made present at birth by the wood of the manger.

Plus there are so many souls who have no one to pray for them and don't know Jesus.

So many souls in danger of the fires of Hell.

When we offer up our sufferings for them we can help them in ways we will never know until the afterlife when we will meet them and find out how we touched their life.

When we thank God for the sufferings He chooses to allow in our lives, we show Him we trust Him even though we don't understand why we have to go through this pain.

Anyway, I'm sure y'all already know this but I know I need to be reminded so I thought I'd share the encouragement with you.

Thank you, thank you, Lord, for our Holy Catholic Faith...the only Faith which gives purpose and meaning to our sufferings!

Merry Christmas!  :heart:
And here is a short booklet you can read online for free which gives greater meaning and understanding to this mystery than I can provide:

Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence