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Full Version: Interesting "Heads Up!" Concerning New SARS-like Virus in China Breakout
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This is a very preliminary report, but take heed:

SARS-CoV virus became worldwide and originated in China as well and this new outbreak appears to be a relative of the original SARS type outbreak of 2003. The Chinese are battling for control of the virus, but it has now spread to 4 other countries. There are still a number of weeks left of 'Flu Season', so these viruses have time to spread before the weather changes and communicability decreases.

Wash your hands and don't touch your face before you do, espcially after being out in public places, most especially airports. Keep taking your Vitamin D supplements to boost your immune systems and avoid crowds. Our current flu strain can be rough, but if this new SARS virus comes here and spreads, there could be a whole lot of people in hospitals in short order. History of outbreaks very often repeats itself and this early on, it will be some time, months, before we could even expect an early version of vaccine for this new SARS virus. BTW: It is unknown if the old vaccine would be of any use in this new strain.

Here's the article:

Article Wrote:Link to Original Article

As virus spreads, anxiety rises in China and overseas

WUHAN, China (AP) — Face masks sold out and officials at airports and train stations checked passengers for fevers as China on Tuesday sought to control the outbreak of a new virus that has reached four other countries and territories and threatens to spread further during the Lunar New Year travel rush.

Anxiety grew both at home and abroad after Chinese government expert Zhong Nanshan confirmed fears on state television late Monday that the new type of coronavirus can spread from human to human.

Six people have died and 291 have been infected in China, the National Health Commission said Tuesday.

The stock prices of some companies that sell masks rose Tuesday, but markets fell in much of Asia as investors worried about the potential impact on tourism and the economy.
Concerned about a global outbreak similar to SARS, another coronavirus that spread from China to more than a dozen countries in 2002-2003, numerous nations have adopted screening measures for travelers from China, especially those arriving from Wuhan, the central city where the virus appears to have originated.

Guards at Wuhan’s airport pointed electronic thermometers at travelers. Several online retailers were sold out of masks, which were being sold for more than 10 times their original price. Users of the popular Weibo social media platform urged others to wash their hands and stay home.

Outside the Wuhan Medical Treatment Center, where many of the coronavirus patients are receiving care, several workers were dressed in full-body biohazard suits, supplemented by goggles, masks and plastic wrapped around their shoes.

While many wore masks in Wuhan, streets were far from deserted and people appeared to be carrying on with their regular activities.
“I’m not that worried,” said Helen Cao, a Wuhan resident who was shopping on a downtown avenue lined with stores and full of pedestrians. Like many in the city, she began wearing a mask after hearing Zhong’s assessment of human-to-human transmission.

“Maybe people from other places are more concerned about our health, but (Wuhan) locals actually are continuing to eat, go out and take strolls, go clubbing at night,” Cao said. “Everything’s very normal, everyone’s just wearing masks, nothing more.”

Initial symptoms of the new coronavirus include fever, cough, tightness of the chest and shortness of breath.

The first cases late last month were connected to a seafood market, and transmission was thought to be occurring from animals to humans. Authorities previously had not confirmed human-to-human transmission.

In addition to 258 cases in Wuhan, more than 20 have been diagnosed in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong province in the south and Zhejiang in the east. Four cases have been confirmed overseas among Chinese travelers in South Korea, Japan and Thailand. A Taiwanese businesswoman who just returned from Wuhan tested positive for the virus, Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control reported Tuesday.

Fifteen medical workers have also tested positive for the virus, the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission said.

Two cases in Guangdong were people who had not visited Wuhan but fell ill after family members returned from there. Zhong cited those as evidence the disease had spread between humans.

Australia, Japan, South Korea and the U.S. were among the countries increasing airport screenings. Three weekly direct flights from Wuhan to Sydney will be met by border security and biosecurity staff for assessments, chief Australian medical officer Brendan Murphy told reporters.

“Please take every possible precaution,” Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe instructed the health minister and other government departments.

The coronavirus family includes those that cause the common cold, but some found in bats, camels and other animals have evolved into more severe illnesses like SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, and MERS, Middle East respiratory syndrome.

The possibility the virus can be transmitted between people increases the chances it could spread faster and more widely. The Chinese government has estimated people will make around 3 billion trips during the Lunar New Year travel season, but some social media users have said they may stay home due to concern about the virus.

In his first public remarks on the illness, Chinese President Xi Jinping instructed government departments to promptly release information on the virus and deepen international cooperation.

When SARS began infecting people in southern China, the Chinese government initially tried to conceal the severity of the epidemic, which ended up killing nearly 800 people. The cover-up was exposed by a high-ranking physician.

Gabriel Leung, dean of medicine at the University of Hong Kong, said Chinese authorities have responded much more quickly this time.

“Our underlying assumptions are the force of infection is very different now ... because so many public health measures have been undertaken and so many interventions have been executed,” Leung told reporters at a briefing.

Leung, who was heavily involved in the response to SARS, said modeling shows that cases will multiply over the coming weeks but the outbreak will gradually lose momentum as precautions take effect.

For the moment, the new coronavirus appears to be far less lethal than SARS.

“Based on current information, an animal source seems the most likely primary source of this outbreak with limited human-to-human transmission occurring between close contacts,” World Health Organization spokesman Tarik Jasarevic said at a briefing.

“Based on current data, some new cases seem to experience milder diseases which is within the milder end of the spectrum of symptoms caused by respiratory illnesses,” Jasarevic said.
Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang pledged rigorous measures to tackle the virus.

“We will resolutely contain the spread of the epidemic,” Geng said.

Surgical masks were mandatory Tuesday at Beijing United Family Hospital, where all visitors had their temperatures taken at the entrance.

At one pharmacy in Shanghai, a shopkeeper named Liu Zhuzhen said more than 100 people had bought masks by midday. They were already sold out despite having recently been restocked.

3M, an American brand popular in China for anti-pollution masks, was sold out of masks on its official online stores on e-commerce platforms Taobao and as of Tuesday afternoon. Other retailers were selling 3M masks at a markup, including for as much as 40 yuan ($7) a mask. Websites that track online pricing show the same masks used to sell for 3 yuan (53 cents) each.

State broadcaster CCTV quoted Wuhan Mayor Zhou Xianwang urging limitations on travel.

“Unless it’s necessary, people outside should not come to Wuhan, and citizens of Wuhan should not leave the city,” Zhou said.

Yanan Wang reported from Beijing. Associated Press journalists Moussa Moussa in Sydney, Alice Fung in Hong Kong and Mari Yamaguchi in Tokyo, and researcher Yu Bing in Beijing contributed to this report.
One thing is clear to me, at this point: if someone wanted to take us out, and God allowed it, it could be done very easily. Use nanotechnology to make microscopic capsules to store and preserve the live viruses. Those microscopic pills could be used to infect certain people. Who decides who gets infected, and how do they decide?  I have no idea.

Who would stand to benefit most from a pandemic?  The elites?  People who have access to treatments the rest of us can’t even imagine?  They’d be safe, and we’d die. Maybe eventually people would become fed up with the system and throw it all down, and make the elites worthless.
(01-21-2020, 05:52 PM)Credidi Propter Wrote: [ -> ]One thing is clear to me, at this point: if someone wanted to take us out, and God allowed it, it could be done very easily. Use nanotechnology to make microscopic capsules to store and preserve the live viruses. Those microscopic pills could be used to infect certain people. Who decides who gets infected, and how do they decide?  I have no idea.

Who would stand to benefit most from a pandemic?  The elites?  People who have access to treatments the rest of us can’t even imagine?  They’d be safe, and we’d die. Maybe eventually people would become fed up with the system and throw it all down, and make the elites worthless.
There are some outlets I did not reference that are suggesting that this version of the virus was weaponized in China and got loose. Could be, stranger things have happened, like the appearance of this type of virus in the first place was China.

It is well known that viruses and microbes in general can be genetically modified to target specific races of humans, even age groups. They have got it down to being able to target animals and even plant life and the biological can be very easily transported, reproduced and delivered at low expense. This technology and especially the 'nanotechnology' that is closely associated with it, are indeed the weapons of the future to be aware of.
Latest news is now 13 cities on lockdown.
Just saw this 'latest' article. It appears to have arrived at a number of places in the US (12). "Patient One" looks like is in Washington State. CDC is not firm on details, but advises it could have an incubation period (time from exposure to time of onset of symptoms) of 2 to 14 days. If it is a longer period, it could get passed on to others quite easily to many, since it is an airborne infection.

Most reports are sketchy and varied so far, but a better idea of the severity will take time to evolve in the reporting.


Article Wrote:Link to Original Article

US testing 12 patients for coronavirus including Texas A&M student
Mary Kekatos

US health officials are testing 12 patients across the country for the deadly coronavirus that has been spreading worldwide.

This includes two students, one at Texas A&M University, who had traveled from Wuhan, China - where the virus originated - and another student at Tennessee Tech University.
Several people in California, particlarly in Alameda County and the Bay Area, are also being examined to see if they have the virus that resembles SARS.
So far, 894 people people have fallen ill since December, mostly in China. As of Friday, 26 people have died.

It comes on the heels of doctors revealing 43 people came into contact with US patient zero who is being quarantined in Washington state.

Additionally, the US announced it is pulling most of its diplomats and their families from the consulate general in Wuhan and the State Department issued its strongest travel advisory warning of Level 4: Do Not Travel. 

And a report written by researchers from England, Scotland and Florida and shared with has predicted that as many as 350,000 people may be infected just in Wuhan by the beginning of February.
US health officials are testing 12 patients across the country for the new, mysterious coronavirus that has been spreading across the globe. Pictured: Travelers with masks at LAX
One person being tested is a male student at Texas A&M University, who traveled to Wuhan, where the virus originated
Another being tested is a student at Tennessee Tech University who had a 'concerning' travel history, health officials said 
Health officials are testing 'a number of cases' in California as well as 43 people who came into contact with the case in Washington state.

Alarming footage reportedly shows China hospital overrun by patients.

Brazos County Health District officials said that the Texas A&M student had 'mild' symptoms that resembled the coronavirus.

Results of tests will be announced to the public if the patient tests positive for coronavirus.

Officials said the patient is currently being kept isolated at home and that it is safe for student to attend classes.
'This patient did travel to the area of concern in China within the last 14 days and thankfully had mild upper respiratory symptoms, and he was improving,' said Dr Eric Wilke with the Brazos County Health Department.

'I believe the time the patient presented at the emergency department, it was more out of concern,' said Dr. Eric Wilke with the Brazos County Health Department.


CDC officials are not 100 percent clear on when coronavirus patients are contagious but have said they suspect an incubation period of two to 14 days from exposure.

Officials have warned that patients are most contagious after they begin showing symptoms but the disease can spread at a 'much lower rate' when asymptomatic.
In the case of the Washington state man, experts say he was unlikely to have transmitted the disease to anyone because he sought treatment immediately after showing symptoms.
Meanwhile, the Tennessee Department of Health said they decided to test the student because had 'very mild symptoms' and had a recent concerning travel history that met the criteria for testing.

No results have been confirmed and the student is being kept in isolation.
Los Angeles International Airport was also on high alert after a passenger who arrived on Wednesday was sent to hospital after he or she appeared to be ill.

The unnamed passenger arrived on an American Airlines flight from Mexico City around 7pm, reported CBS Los Angeles.

However, it remains unclear if the passenger is from Mexico City, or if they originated from another city. 
First reported in China in December 2019, the strain, known as 2019-nCov, is believed to have emerged from illegally traded wildlife at a seafood market in Wuhan, a city 700 miles south of the capital of Beijing.

While preliminary research suggests the virus was passed to humans from snakes, Chinese health officials reported this week that some cases have been caused by human-to-human transmission increasing the risk of it spreading.

China locks down 10 cities as coronavirus death toll rises.

Arriving passengers from Asia, airline staff and airport staff at the Los Angeles International Airport take precautionary measures donning face masks 
So far, there are at least 850 cases confirmed worldwide, reaching as far as the US 
Experts say the difficulty of containing the coronavirus is that so many patients have mild, cold-like symptoms and don't realize they have the infection – but it can quickly turn deadly.

In one example, one doctor and 13 nurses who were treating a neurosurgery patient unknown to be carrying the virus were all infected by it.

Aside from China, cases have been confirmed in Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and the US.
Cases are also suspected in Mexico, Colombia, the Philippines, the UK and Australia.

Other developments in the outbreak today include: 
  • Chinese New Year celebrations planned for this weekend have been canceled in Beijing and Hong Kong 
  • An estimated 897 people around the world have been infected with coronavirus and 26 have died 
  • Japan confirmed its second case and a fifth patient has been diagnosed in Thailand 
  • Footage has emerged reportedly showing military personnel guarding a train station
  • Videos from inside hospitals show patients crammed into overcrowded corridors and laid on the floor 
  • Photos have emerged of Chinese construction workers starting urgent building of a new hospital in Wuhan

The Wuhan coronavirus is believed to be milder than its cousin, SARS, and it takes longer for symptoms to appear.

Almost all deaths of the Wuhan coronavirus occurred among older males who had pre-existing conditions.

There is no cure for the new virus or vaccine to prevent it, and the National Institutes of Health says research to develop a vaccine is in 'very preliminary stages.'

China has been taking unprecedented measures in an effort to stop the new coronavirus from spreading, but experts fear it may be too late.

On Thursday, authorities announced that planes, trains and buses leaving Wuhan were canceled. Tollways on roads out of the city were also shut down.
Additionally, all public transportation within the city would be suspended, including buses, subways and ferries.

China has also closed several tourism attractions and cultural sites including Beijing's Forbidden City, which saw 19 million visitors last year.

City authorities also canceled Lunar New Year events in the nation's capital as well as temple fairs 'to strengthen prevention and support'.
With the deadly virus reaching so many cities in China and so many countries abroad in such a short time frame, many fear measures came too little too late.

'I think we have passed the golden period of control and prevention,' Guan Yi, an expert on viruses at Hong Kong University, told Agence France-Presse.
Yi, who left Wuhan ahead of the lockdown, said many people left ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday, which began Friday.

He says many residents could have been incubating the virus 'on their way out of Wuhan.'
Here's a link to the latest info I could find. Lots of pictures and stuff, so I'll just link to the article here.
The situation is devolving into a real bad situation and quickly.

Latest and link:

Hal Turner Wrote:Link to Full Article and Updates
For Subscribers Only.   Additional public updates to appear below this area . . .

Chinese Officials have decided to "Close the city" of Wuhan.   No additional resources can be sent because to do so would leave too many other areas of China with inadequate resources.   They have to choose between saving Wuhan and saving the whole country.  Wuhan loses.

Patients coming into Hospitals are now being told to "go home and stay inside until it's over."  Meaning go home to DIE!

Direct intel from China  - (unaltered and unedited by me) "What does closing a city mean? It means that ordinary people no longer need to go to the hospital, waiting to die at home, and being isolated at home! Because it is said that there are about 3,000 effective beds in Wuhan (only ordinary beds), the isolated area is not enough at all, basically the hospital will go home and isolate after reading! Because medical resources are simply not enough! As for Wuhan officials and officials, they have already gone abroad by plane!"

The US Senate Health Committee and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will host a briefing for all senators with top administration health officials regarding the [b]novel coronavirus outbreak.[/b]

Senate insiders tell me this is taking place "because the NIH and WHO have not been candid about what's taking place in China."   (NIH is the National Institutes of Health and WHO is the World Health Organization.)

The Senate insider also told me "That means it is more serious than the NIH And WHO led us to believe.  They are moving into crisis mode.  Continuity of Government"
I don't like the way the news streams are headed on this issue. The following are items I have heard from alternative media as of right now, These are not vetted sources:

1: Report of very large explosion over Wuhan China,

2: US Congress about to receive confidential briefing on the situation.

3: Continuity of Government/Martial Law provisions could be enacted with restrictions on travel in and out of US.

4: Travel restrictions in and out of Russia already begun.

5: Reported over 40% of infected individuals succumb to the virus and there have been pictures of large excavation machinery being moved into Chinese cities for burial/burning of dead.

6: Reports that victims in China number in the MILLIONS.

7: This event took place when many Chinese are celebrating a holiday and are traveling abroad and all over China, apparently, spreading the virus. Detection could be hampered due to lack of obvious symptoms like fever for days after infection. Symptoms delayed 4-14 days before onset of fevers or other outward symptoms has been reported. Virus is airborne and quickly spreads in populated areas.

8: China in process of shutting down all ports and may soon shut down airports as well. Nothing/no one in or out of China, similar to Russia's situation.

This could be a really bad thing, indeed!

Supporting Video below:

Last I heard Wuhan is a city where China keeps a top level Bio Research facility where dangerous stuff like Crimean Congo is kept.  Could this be a leak?  I heard rumors that some "game theory" Sims had been recently run on- -Coronavirus-- and the results were drastic.  Zerohedge had the piece on the Sim a day or two ago.  Only thing is, with media these days who knows whose telling the truth and who isn't? 

All I know is IF this is real and IF it's as dangerous as it seems it could become a massive "Spanish Influenza" style kill off of millions and millions worldwide.  If Spanish Flu could decimate populations from every corner of the globe in 1918 decades before mass air travel and when populations were arguably more isolated and rural than imagine how easy it would be to spread today?

All I know is we all have to die someday. 

Only thing I've got going for me is that although I work at a hospital I wear a mask all day everyday regardless of the looks and the questions I get.  Not taking chances.
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