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Full Version: College frats
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Can college men join and/or live in frats?  Thanks
There are a number of Catholic fraternities. I've no idea how Catholic they actually are, however.
Depends on the type of frat you are referring to.  Frats with members who take pleasure in using women as sex objects, drunken parties, and form secret rituals should be avoided at all cost obviously even if some members profess being Catholic.
I went to a Catholic Jesuit University years ago which disallowed Sororities and Fraternities, but did allow one "Service Fraternity" which was designed around social events and community service, and well-supervised. It did not house anyone and had a house only for events and for offices. I don't see how that kind of group would be any issue.

The typical Fraternity or Sorority, in general, would be a grave occasion of sin and forbidden to any Catholic. Given the common environment in them, it would be the duty to prove the group was not the typical Fraternity or Sorority, not to assume it's fine and only object if there were some later issues. Basically, the bias should be towards forbidding them unless they are shown good, not the other way around.

I'd also point out that there is, behind many of these, a Masonic spirit and often the hallmarks of a secret society, with initiation rituals and obligations which are per se sinful. That is one more reason that we're not just talking about lewd behavior, nor about some bad examples, but about things which could seriously undermine one's Faith. Hence one more reason the assumption should be that they are dens of iniquity, and proof be shown that they are not to even consider joining.